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Are You a Money Making Maverick?

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Posted 24th October 2008 at 02:37 PM by omnipotent1

Ok, so I KNOW many of us run into thus huge problem when we first set out to become successful affiliate marketers. I know it happened to me. Just a few months ago, I was involved in an affiliate program with a high ticket item. Now Im not going to talk to much about the specifics because its irrelevent right now, but ONCE I was IN, guess what, the 'tools for success area' was SO incomplete.

I know at least some of you have felt this way becasue I'll be damned if Im the only one! LOL. The feeling of 'wait a minute, they're showing me all of these 'things' or 'tools' but I dont even know what half of them are...or how to use them. Now the 'GURU' who was just telling you on HIS squeeze page that you'll have all the tools you need to succeed, all of a sudden is, in your head, a complete hack who duped you outta your dough, right? Its like paying for a puzzle with most of the puzzle pieces, BUT with no directions....and its a 3D puzzle. how ripped off would you feel. have been decieved. Now there is NO refund (perhaps), all these complicated things to do. Sure the individual components make sense, but you have NO CLUE hot to link em together. I HATE THAT FEELING, and it has happened more than twice to me.

Whats the solution to this ongoping problem. Well the bottom line is you need targeted quality traffic that buys what you sell....which means you need to be very proficient at INTERNET MARKETING. It totally helps to have a multi-facated education........

Maybe you're not into affiliate marketing...maybe you prefer to market your own websites..or your own products..or services....whatever combination or permutation you do business need a great internet marketing education.

Myself, being completely fed up with seeing this trend of deception, went on kind of a search for a raw, honest person who could teach me what I need to know to become a 'BIG DOG'.

I honestly was SOO skeptical to make even one more purchase from someone who telling me, "I can help you". (And notice on many peoples' sites, you have no way of connecting with them, no emails, no videos, no voice of theirs....ugh...well I think i founf a diamond in the fact i KNOW I have. I did an experiment and bought this guys program because it has a very apealing refund policy in case it was no good, and I email him directly (yes, he lets you email him). he got back to me WITHIN A DAY, and it wasnt some moderator, it WAS HIM.

Ok, I think Im going to develop carpel tunnel symdrome if I type anymore today, so I will leave anybody searching like I was with more information. Go ahead and I really think you will be impressed, this guy just has a sincere, honest feel to him that so far i havent felt from ANYONE else on the web. I hope you enjoy.

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    P.S. to my Blog.....these are free videos you're going to be getting. i kind of forgot to state that in the blog itself...oops!
    Posted 24th October 2008 at 02:41 PM by omnipotent1 omnipotent1 is offline
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    how long have you been a member? have you been paid for any sales?
    Posted 18th March 2009 at 08:24 PM by silverpenny silverpenny is offline

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