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How To Increase Your Conversion Rate 400% Or More!

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Posted 5th February 2009 at 04:21 AM by Oracle_320th

Marketers always look for a way to increase conversion rate. I will tell you a simple way you can increase conversion rate 400% or more.

It has nothing to do on how fancy your sales letter, or the design of your website or your autoresponder series. As a matter of fact, you can screw up with all of those things but still increase your conversion rate 400%.

The secret is on the truth that people never appreciate something that come easily.

You will never appreciate $100 if your family give $100,000 every month. You will never appreciate your girlfriend or wife if she comes so easily into your hands. And so on...

The same truth holds true with the product that we sell or promote. If you just ask your audiences to sit and lay back and watch video or sales letter they will never appreciate things.

Sure, you will trigger some imagination inside their minds. But how long before that mental image drift away?

By forcing your audiences to put effort during the sales process you will increase your conversion rate more. For example: you can create short-list of quiz. Then after they answer you redirect them to sales letter.

This will increase your conversion rate more. Because your audiences have put something into the interaction. Their time and energy. The more stake that they put in the line, the more they can't afford to leave the table.

The more time, energy and money they spend, the more they must read and take your offer
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