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Millions Dollars Sales Letter: Speaking With Authority - Drive 1000 Buyers Instantly

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Posted 10th February 2009 at 06:21 PM by Oracle_320th

People love to be directed. People love to hear and do what the authority figures suggest to do. Don't trust me?

Take a look at Warren Buffet: when people hear he wants to buy particular stock everybody from their mom, wife, nephew, cousin jump into the bandwagon to buy the same stock.

The close example: take a look at the owner of this forum, Allen Says. When he promotes something everybody in this forum want to buy the same thing (by the way Allen I miss your Private Post series).

Now we can talk the psychological principles that make this happen that will bore you to death or talk how we can use this principle to make people buy anything that you offer.

You don't need to be Warren Buffet or Allen Says to become authority figures. They spend years of dedication and hard work. I don't want to wait years, I want to make money right now.

The good news you can be an authority figure in 5 minutes. All you need to do is just to change your language. For example: if you used to write on your sales letter "you might want to buy" you should change it into "buy now".

Or if you used to write "you don't know how great this product" you should change it into "this product is what you need!"

Talk from authority mindset and you will be authority figure.
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    Point well taken on the question of the best language
    to use to create sales! Speaking with authority does inspire buyer confidence and consequent sales!
    Posted 11th February 2009 at 10:15 PM by lkharris lkharris is offline

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