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Millions Dollars Sales Letter: People Buy Story Not Content - $1 Billions Book Secret Exposed

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Posted 13th February 2009 at 10:28 AM by Oracle_320th

This morning I chatted with my friend about Harry Potter. This little wizard has made $1 Billions for the author!

Quickly our discussion went to Rich Dad Poor Dad and other Mr.Kiyosaki's series. These books have made $200 millions for the author as well and the numbers keep growing every month.

This conversation made me remember one ebook at ClickBank's chamber with title "T... About A..." (well, you know the title) that has made $20 millions for the author. When I talked with medical study students they all said the content was rubbish.

There was no scientific evidence regarding the methods. And they even wondered how could people paid $20 millions for something that they can read at for free.

That made me realize it was not the content that made people bought the book but the story behind the book. We didn't buy Harry Potter because we want to know about magic, we buy Harry Potter because we want to know the life story of the young wizard.

I didn't buy Mr.Kiyosaki's books for the content that I can get when I was first year business student. I bought Mr.Kiyosaki's books because it keeps me motivated reading the life experience of Mr.Kiyosaki. It is something that I can relate to.

People didn't buy health or diet book because they want to read the content that they can read for free from Harvard Medical Journal. They buy the book because they want to know all the pain and experiences that the author had experienced. They want to be a part of the author's success.

Relation to personal experience

Those that make people buy not the content.
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