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Ok HeresHow i've got on so far!!

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Posted 14th September 2011 at 11:07 AM by Owen Mailer

Well, A lot has hapened since I have started this blog and I appoligise in advance to all pms that I have not returned i've been mega busy between current contracts appointments and more calls.
Ill be honest I would post more scripts But the 2 I have given are the toppers!!with the correct Voice techniques and the correct manner over the phone.
i'm now hitting 4 appointments a day minimum!! Average appointments to calls still not as good as its going to be!!

My one piece of advice!!
Stop bein scared these people hold your future in there hands and all you gotta do is go out and take it from them.
I had 2 of my appointments on monday both signed £1000 Pound contracts I think thats about $1500 dollars per year, Actully just over. and im quite friendly with them now and they have forgotten I even cold called them !!!!!

I almost ran outta fuel last week in the middle of no where due to Lack of attention on my part!!
Anyway guys and gals heres what I want to do. i want to make a wso but its only a short programme breaking down and explaining what im doing day to day and im seriously landing these leads they may not all turn into jobs but with the correct patter it actully seems to Bloody work. Sorry about the language but
i am finding the psychology behind this fascinating i'm actually a little addicted to creating the perfect formula!! what I do need is some Guinea pigs (AKA Warriors) to test it and leave me feedback.

All In all I think I have now got about 40 appointments if 10 of them become contracts there's £10,000 per year all from making a phone call...
Someone tell me that is not gonna get u off your *** and fighting for the phone!!!!! Come on people time to end this fear of cold calling oh and i'm changing the name to Warm calling!! I'll Explain why in my Report.
Gotta keep you all hanging for something...

Oh" what do you think about my idea for a Report?? worth a go ?? like I say im not an online marketer but I think people may be able to use this to really help them!!!.
Thanks again
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    You're obviously doing well with this, and enjoying it, and learning from it as you go along too ... and I'm wishing you well with it; and thanks for posting it.

    I suspect that quite a bit of what people call "cold calling" can actually be moderately warm calling? Or at least, when it isn't you find that out immediately, anyway?

    Please excuse the observation that (as a customer) I'd [I]hate[/I] the "46 seconds" touch and would much prefer "Are you free to talk for just a minute?", or even "45 seconds".

    If by any chance you don't already know of it, [URL=""]this website's[/URL] going to interest you a lot (and I think there's a forum there, too). His book's interesting, and you can download 4 chapters free. Good luck!

    Posted 14th September 2011 at 01:55 PM by Alexa Smith Alexa Smith is offline
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    Owen Mailer's Avatar
    Hi Lexy
    Thank you for your comment that is one of the parts I am working on, or was earlier and will be tomorrow.
    I have a pretty good turn around on that and more often than not get a laugh. but you are right it doesn't feel right when i say it.however i have a problem
    i cannot say could you give me a minute of your time and ill tell you why.
    They expect that as it is what everyone says, if they expect it they can shut you down quick as they have a response immediately and do not need to think. what i am trying to do with this is make it unique and therefore they have never herd it and cannot process as fast as we can if we are ready for them.
    so if you want to help me out could anyone think of another phrase to replace that one.
    Thanks again Lexy you do have a good point its a little condescending and I will play with some calls tomorrow and try figure out another phrase.
    Posted 14th September 2011 at 06:13 PM by Owen Mailer Owen Mailer is offline

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