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The secret of getting money and then compounding for success

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Posted 9th January 2017 at 07:26 AM by Oziboomer

Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire or becoming wealthy.

I remember when I was 25 I thought I'd be a millionaire by thirty.

When I was 34 I thought I'd easily be a millionaire by 40.

At the time I was friends with a 26 year old who was convinced they would be rich by 30.

Now my definition of a millionaire might be different to yours. I think a millionaire is someone who makes a million dollars each year after all expenses and taxes are paid.

Some people think if they sell a million dollars worth of stuff they are a millionaire.

I regularly sell more than a million dollars and my revenue does not equal my net profit.


I always see people struggling to get some money together to save for a rainy day or to save for a specific goal.

Maybe you want to save to buy a car.

Maybe a house.

Maybe a business.

Although I had turned over a million dollars many years over I was always struggling to accumulate any significant wealth.

Then one day during a weekend workshop I'd attended with about 100 or so other entrepreneurs I got a bit of enlightenment.

A person I respected showed me a simple secret I could take-away and use in my business starting immediately that would change my life forever.

It was a simple system that had many facets.

I'd even tried some of the facets before but because of one simple key the real secret eluded me.

That day changed my life.

The next day I opened a bank account to use solely for the purpose of leveraging the system.

It took me just over 18 months to get $28,000 together which became a deposit on my first home.

At the time the Aussie Government had a deal where they gave you $7K to buy an existing home or $14K if you were building a new home.

I had no desire to build a home and I wanted one now for my growing family.

I had three kids all in school and my wife didn't work and I ran my business.

It was August 2011.

I bought a home one week before the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers.

I was edited but then also so worried because I'd used my savings to buy a house and I really needed them to help my business survive after Sept 11.


My business got through the tough period as it had done many times before....remember the tech crash? or the Y2K bug?

What I had learned in 1998-9 showed me the way to get through.

My bank account that I opened to accumulate my savings still operates today as it has done since then.

I feel so fortunate because the home I bough back then has doubled twice in value and my business has survived too.

Surviving the GFC and all the other crap the world tosses at us.

The underlying fact is the humble bank account I opened back in 1999 to put a bit of money into from the idea I learned back then.

If you want to learn what I did you can.

If you honestly can't afford to read and watch the system I've shared as part of Tenxcellerator then hit me up and let me know.

Otherwise you can get my system and a template I designed to help me reach my goals right here--->

Hopefully it will change your life as it did mine.

BTW,,,It continues to change my life everyday and I'm forever grateful to my mentor Damien who I've thanked many times over the years.

To Your success,

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