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Why was Betamax Crushed by the inferior VHS?

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Posted 5th August 2011 at 05:39 PM by Paul Irvine

I'm posting this entry for two reasons.
One is to give myself the ability to "vent" and the other to hopefully give you a lighbulb moment.

Some of you may be too young to remember video cassettes, so apologies if you don't know what I'm on about.

They were the main format prior to DVD and were out a LONG time.

When they first hit the market there was the usual two big players involved.

Similar to the recent Blu Ray vs HD-DVD debacle.

The BetaMAX was superior to the VHS in every way.

It was smaller, cheaper to manufacture, the players themselves were cheaper than VHS players due to the BetaMAX videos having less moving parts, smaller size etc.

People who owned and used BetaMAX were blown away by the higher quality of sound and visuals, how cheap they were etc etc.


At the end of the marketing war between the BetaMAX and the VHS camps, when the dust finally settled...

The inferior VHS won the day. It sold more players, in turn the movie companies sold more movies on VHS than BetaMAX and eventually

and sadly...

The BetaMAX format disappeared without a trace, never to see the light of day again.

So what on earth happened?

The product was so much better than its rival.

The tapes and players were cheaper to buy.

The picture and sound were better than VHS

So how in gods name didn't it win the battle?


The VHS camp had a bigger budget, better sales angle and more marketing POWER than the poor BetaMAX ever had.

So more people heard about VHS
More people BOUGHT VHS

Then the movie industry, which was the main driver at the time stopped producing movies in BetaMAX format, and that was the final nail in the coffin.

The lesson here is you could have an amazingly good product, but if you can't convert your leads into buyers, then it's effectively game over.

So why does this apply in the Warrior Forum?

Well if you release a quality WSO but have AWFUL sales copy, then no one will bother reading your story.

No one will be drawn in by the story your trying to tel, the benefits your product can give them, and ultimately you will make little or no sales.

This is exactly what has happened to me with my first WSO venture

I have a quality product (verified by 8 testimonials and still rising as I type this)

My instruction and teaching method has been called clear and concise.

But who CARES?

If you cannot get anyone to read your sales letter accompanying the product, then you will not make sales, it's as simple as that.

So I have decided that I am going to study copywriting, the art and skill of successfully converting leads into buyers at a very high rate.

It's going to be a challenge fitting it in with the rest of my ventures, but I now know that is an absolutely ESSENTIAL part of the whole "equation" of creating, launching and SELLING a product, not just the Warrior Forum.

So if like me you decide to make your own product, and if like me you can't afford a decent copywriter, then MAKE time to learn the basics at least. That way you are pretty much ensured that no matter what happens when you launch, you're going to convert more "browsers" into "buyers"

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