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Posted 4th October 2011 at 09:44 PM by perfectlovehere


So today was the big day!

I took my 3 flyers and went up to the information desk of my campus... Slightly nervous but very excited! The person there said my ads checked out and seemed ok enough to follow the school flyer rules. She stamped each of the 3 and I went on to posting!

Since there are 2 bulletin boards per floor I decided to test and see which floor may convert best. I taped 1 flyer per floor of the 3 floors.

I was excited mid-day and checked after one of my classes to notice 1 tab had already been taken! It was a tab on the middle floor as far as I can remember.

On a second note, the girl mentioned that I may post 6 flyers... Now, this differs from what their website said so I'm not going to print more until I see if these create any sales or not; then I may print 3 more. They remove flyers every Sunday apparently.

I think there is a print shop on my campus as well so I found their email and asked them what their costs were like to print flyers (that maybe I could handout to students). If they don't respond I may stop into the room and ask them.

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