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Social Bookmarking, What is it?

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Posted 28th April 2012 at 07:31 AM by Peter Hansen

With the advancement of technology today, there are billions of websites available on the internet. And to make sense of it all, we pick those sites that we find important and useful and save them. This is then where we use the most widely-used method of storing the list you have in a certain online location for future use - Social Bookmarking. It is similar to “Bookmarks” and “Add to favorites” functions found in your web browser. The difference is that when a site is bookmarked within a social bookmarking setting, it is then accessible by everybody all over the net.

Social bookmarking is defined as a technique in organizing and managing bookmarks of resources online. It started on April, 1996 with the launching of the very first social bookmarking site – itList. For the next three years, these online bookmark management services became competitive and endeavor a lot of companies in the industry. Until then, the concept grew bigger and began known for creating relevant links and gave in traffic and new customers to business enterprises.

Social Bookmarking is an influential instrument in promoting a website. It is identifying a website to be saved not on a web browser but to a website where you can easily share them to others. And aside from that, you can also check out the sites that other people consider as interested by means of tags. A number of social bookmarking sites allow you to browse through the list of websites based on content, popularity, and more. Social bookmarking is coined as an intelligent search engine.

Some social bookmarking sites also employ a voting system that allows users to indicate what bookmarks they found interesting. As a bookmark receives more and more votes, it's prominence on the web site increases which in turn attracts more and more votes.

The ultimate is to have the bookmark appear on the homepage of the social bookmark site.
This has existed for at least 10 years already and had been brought to new levels of advancement and importance by known social bookmarking websites today. For internet marketers, the importance for this is also increasing, making this kind of web service a competition to search engines.

If you want your site to triumph a number of views in social bookmarking site, you should consider only good and quality content that are also accepted by the society. By means of this, it will lead to a substantial referral to your site along with the noteworthy credibility which comes to it.
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    Quality is king these days. I agree. Unique quality content is an absolute must. Grammar is also important.
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