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How to Produce Value Like Frank Kern

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Posted 13th February 2011 at 05:37 AM by PeterGarety

If you want to build lucrative online marketing business, then one of the most important skills is to learn how to create and deliver value to your followers. Well, I am not going to pretend that I know everything about this matter, because I don’t, and I am a learner just like you.

However, after watching videos by Frank Kern, Eben Pagan in his Guru Blueprint program and Jeff Walker in Product Launch Formula 3.0 several times, I realized that value is not the techniques or the mechanical side of the Internet marketing.

We all know that mechanics of list building or niche website building is really just 5-15 hours long lessons, which anybody can learn within 2 days. There are tons of courses, e-books and different training programs about each of the techniques; Warrior forum is full of those, yet still most of online marketer's struggle to make money online. Why is that?

It is because, the true money making ability online do not come from techniques alone. It comes in combination of skill to give more value to your followers or website visitors, than anybody else does.

Even if you are selling barbeque grills, you need to bring some value on the table, in order to get the click on your affiliate link. Otherwise, people go away and buy the same grill somewhere else.

Now, think about this for a minute.

You promote barbecue grill and competitor is doing the same. Both of you are getting paid via Amazon Associates program. So, when do you think the click will happen - when you will present some impersonal information via the WP Robot or other automation tool or when you provide something valuable to the potential customer?

So, What Is The Value

In my understanding value is the ability to deliver either information that can significantly save time and deliver results, or that gives people a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction.

So, if you want to teach people how to build a list, then you just research this subject, test techniques on your marketing campaigns, make a conclusion and synthesize the information in an understandable format. That is it!

The other way how to deliver value (and it is more difficult) is to make the information entertaining. This is why Frank Kern is who it is today. He delivers value in an entraining format, which stands out of the crowd. This gives the audience a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, because all he does look easy and doable.

Now, if you look on both ways, which is your favorite way to deliver value? Are you somebody who can entertain or are you somebody who can synthesize information?

Either way, if you will approach your marketing campaigns, whether this is for small niche website or for your own product launch, with one of these in mind, you will make tons of money online.

I hope this post serves you a bit, and please share your thoughts about what is value and how to deliver it in a comment section below.
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