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Free websites, tools and software I use to build my business - Part 1

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Posted 18th August 2010 at 07:04 PM by phmoisan

Hi everyone,

It's been almost a year that I've acquired information of all sorts to help me build my business.

Many many things can be found for free. In this series of articles, i will mention the ones I use on a regular basis, as well as the ones who seem to have a lot of potential but haven't found the time to exploit them.
I will take for granted that you've been around for some time in Internet Marketing, not years, but at least a few weeks, cause i won't explain in detail what everything is.
I will talk about websites, software, eBooks, videos, and probably a few things I can't think about right now.

I will also mention the things that should not be used for free, if you want to consider your efforts as a business, not as a hobby. I'll start with those : domain name, hosting, autoresponder

And, about those that cost something, even if I'm an affiliate of them, it won't make a difference here because I won't write one of these links that are recognizable as an affiliate link. All you will see is the .com name. This series of articles will be pure content.

Ok, let's begin.

Autoresponder : Many people mention they use free autoresponders. This is dangerous, cause depending on the hosting you use, if the emails you send to your list bounce, or are considered spam, you could your business in jeopardy.

Recommendation for autoresponder : Aweber. Recently, I registered to a site that had short videos about everything you need to know on Internet Marketing. Their was nothing on autoresponders. I asked them why, they said their site was new, and that Aweber offers the best training on autoresponders, bar none. Aweber charges $1 foe the first month, and $19.95 per month after that, for 500 emails, I think. The fee increases the more you send emails, which is good news, cause it means your list is growing. Anyway, for Aweber, don't take my word for it. i just registered recently, so i will be able to give you feedback eventually. There is also GetResponse, also Icontact. Again, for Aweber, top internet marketers have started selling their own autoresponder services, as partners of Aweber, if I understand correctly.

Domain name : It costs around $10 per year, sometimes less, to register a domain name. Don't choose to have a free domain name. Sometimes, it comes with hosting. But, if you decide, for instance, to change hosting, you might discover they will charge you much more than $10 for each domain name. I've had that experience last year, when I changed hosting because of horrible customer support.

Recommendation for domain name registration : namecheap.com

Namecheap is the site I have seen being recommended the most often. That's what I use.

Hosting : It costs about $10 to $12 a month. Your site needs to be hosted somewhere reliable, where it's guaranteed to be up more 99 % of the time. Many hosting companiess offer that kind of service.

Recommendation for hosting : hosgator.com

I recommend hostgator.com because they've been recommended by many many internet marketers, and their service is top notch. When I decided to change hosting companies, I went on hostgator's site, saw the "LIVE SUPPORT ONLINE", clicked on it, started chatting with one of their employees, he answered all my questions, and i wasn't even one of their customers. An hour later, I was.

Ok, now, for the freebies. I love frisbies and freebies.

Email : A gmail account is, IMHO, absolutely necessary. So many sites ask for it instead of hotmail, yahoo, AOL, because Google has the protection against bouncing and spamming.

Best site for general information on Internet marketing : IMHO, it's the Warrior Forum. There are hundreds of experienced internet marketers ready to answer any questions you may have. There are also products sold by WF members at low cost but high quality. And, when I'm not sure if I should trust a marketer, of if I want to know if a product offers real value for the money, I do the following. Let's say you want ot know if this hot IM product that has sold many copies. As an example, I'll use a product that doesn't exist. Please don't try the technique for real with that product name, in case it really exists, I don't want to get into trouble. The product name will "Google Gazillion".

I use the Google Chrome browser, I go in the address/search bar, and I type :

site:warriorforum.com Google Gazillion

What you will get are links into threads on the Warrior Forum. You can also see the number of posts, and the most recent, giving you an idea if it was talked about a lot or not. You click on the link, and there you hopefully find the information you need.

It's a neat little trick, since the search feature won't work if you are in the WF and you're not a member.

That's it for today.

Have a wonderful day !

Philippe Moisan
Where success begins
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