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This blog is all about my current projects, how they're coming along, and cool tips and techniques to help you make money online.
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Posted 15th March 2011 at 02:04 PM by Piper Anderson

I've continued making sites using the methods in Zach Booker's WSO (the latest project being I've sold six of these sites for amounts that I am very pleased with. It is a good WSO with a good method, if a bit labor-intensive.

In order to expand my website flipping business away from the autoblogs I've been flipping for the past two years (especially since the Google algorithm change, it's apparent autoblogs won't be as lucrative as they once were), I've also purchased another WSO on here that deals with selling starter sites with no traffic or income. I've made two sites with that method so far, and both have sold for respectable amounts, though not nearly what I've gotten for the sites made with the Zach Booker method. However, the starter sites ARE easier to make and require no maintenance, as you can sell them right away.

I've also gotten a copy (for free from the War Room...gotta love that place!) of an eBook on making profitable Amazon review sites, and have been making several of these in conjunction with a business partner who provides the copy, while I provide the design and promotion. We haven't tried flipping any of these yet, but that is the eventual plan. Right now, we're enjoying the slowly trickling income these sites are bringing us, and the income continues to increase, just like the book said it would. If you build enough of these sites, the small amounts of income each one brings each month would eventually add up together to be quite a good income. The key is finding high-ticket products (for bigger commissions) and targeting specific product brands and models in your keywords (but not in the domain name, for obvious copyright reasons).

So, the website flipping and building continues to be going well, especially with the help of these excellent resources I got here on the Warrior Forum.

To your flipping success!

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