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How To Make Your First Sale Online

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Posted 17th November 2011 at 10:08 AM by plongmire

Since 90% of the people who venture out to make money online, never make it, I thought I might as well write this real quick.

I want to talk about how you make your first sale online!

What a lot of people will tell you is what they have heard from others, in other words when you ask people how to make money online, the answer is almost always the same.

Find keywords, get domain names, and try to get to the top of Google. And then we are told to place add sense or some other method to make money.

Or we are told to build lists, or to write articles, or to do something else.

Now all these methods will make you money, but they will not make you money today. even the most popular blogs are not blogging to make money, but to introduce and build street cred to get other big deals behind the scenes.

If you want to make money and make money today, then you need to work on things that are going to pay you...and pay you today.

I have built a company on doing that one thing. I even teach you how to make money in seven days.

But if you want to make a sustainable income, then you need to be doing the things that are putting money in your pocket.

I was watching the sopranos the other day and their was a comment that was made about money. Either you are doing things to make money, or your chasing money.

What the 90% who do not make money are doing is chasing money, while the other 10% are making money. It is a mental shift that has to take place if you want the wealth.

I have a training site that takes you through four things...

1) How to set up your customer
2) How to find people willing to pay you without ever leaving your desk
3) How to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site
4) How to build and expand your business into an empire.

My thing is this...are you willing to continue chasing money or are you willing to start generating wealth.

check out the training here... How To Make Your First Sale

Hope it helps
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