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More Research on Local Organic Search

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Posted 27th September 2013 at 06:25 AM by pokerdawg

I am a big proponent of organic local search for clients. I'm not talking about the Google seven pack - I'm talking about regular search based on local terms and products and services.

Content is King - and Not Just for Search

I am seeing more and more success with very high quality detailed content with a focus on delivering solid message to their customer. I have always said content is king, but it is as true today as ever. What's the point of getting somebody to a landing page that does not peak their interest and make them want to call?

Focus on the End User and Making Sure they Buy

When I am doing New York search engine optimization work, my focus is always on the client and making sure that I understand their needs and the reasons why their customers by. I suggest this to everyone - focus on the need and the customers, and the SEO will fall in line.
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