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My First Time...

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Posted 25th March 2009 at 06:18 AM by Powertreb

The first time I ever heard the term “Affiliate Marketing” was about 3 years ago. I figured it might be something interesting to look into. I searched around, read some stuff here and there. Then I bought a bunch of domains.

I parked most of them. Two of them became my affiliate sites. I pasted in some articles. Completely duplicate unoriginal content all the way. I signed up for PPC with Miva, AdWords, and Yahoo.

My plan? Put up the sites, advertise them, and watch the money roll in. Yep…believe it or not, I bought into the hype that most naïve newbies buy into. When you first get involved in Internet Marketing, you get the impression that it’s easy and that the virtual world is littered with endless money for anyone with a website.

I must’ve spent nearly $800 on advertising before I woke up and wised up. I spent $800 to earn a measly $150 over a period of 4 months. Not much business sense there, right?

So I decided to lay low for a bit while I rethought what it was that I really wanted out of the Internet. Was an online business even for me at all?

At about the same time, I began playing a mass player online mafia game. I became completely engrossed. This game was sucking up hours of my time each and every day. Being the web design guy, I created a site for our online “mafia family”. I thought I’d put up some affiliate banners and AdSense there. Well, the results were a bit better. I was now averaging a whopping $10 a month. It paid for the hosting at least. And being that I wasn’t doing PPC anymore, I wasn’t losing anything (other than an insane amount of hours each day).

I grew out of the game after a few months and resumed a normal life. But I was still captivated with the thought of making a living online. So I went back to researching and learning. This time I was a bit smarter and less naïve.

Now, fast forward to today, about 3 years after I first ventured into the online money-making arena. If you ask me what I’ve learned and what I know, I could probably write an eBook simply off the top of my head that could be valuable Clickbank product. Basically the nitty-gritty that most of you know. Both beginner basics, and advanced SEO and traffic generation. The amount of solid, valuable, true to the word information that I’ve absorbed since my first newbie flop has been absolutely staggering. From SEO, to Web 2.0 promotion to Blackhat tactics to attention-grabbing email writing. You name it; I’ve learned it.

I have not invested a penny into PPC or any other form of advertising since my first newbie adventure nearly 3 years ago. I have only bought one eBook product during these 3 years.

Yes, I have really wised up. I have come a LONG way since my naïve newbie days.

Now ask me if I am making more than $150 a month?

You guessed right…the answer is NO!

Don’t get me wrong folks. I KNOW the exact steps I need to take. I KNOW the formulas. I KNOW how to optimize and monetize.


So what’s missing?
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