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Blog Comments: Boost Your Rankings!

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Posted 24th June 2011 at 03:50 AM by Pradeep Bhagwat

I know that everyone here knows importance of blog or forum commenting. Newbies might have some confussion on backlinking. Newbies try to get tons of back links but after getting backlinks they get disappointed as their sites ranking did not rise. Why. They have now done backlinking rightly.

This is actually true, many fail to realize or understand that blog comments on other relevant blogs to your niche are extremely valuable especially if they allow you to add your custom anchor text.

Imagine being able to instead of just using your name as anchor text you can use the keywords you are trying to rank for as anchor text? All well said and done but finding sites that allow you to post anchor text links are a mission in itself. In the past you have to go to the blog itself scroll to the comment area to see if other comments allow this, but now days there are back link software available. I have discussed back linking strategy and about software at my Warrior blog post.

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    Does this still work? Are you still using Backlink Profit Monster Today?
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