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Proper Email Etiquette

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Posted 11th October 2008 at 05:54 AM by PRandContent

Several decades ago, letters were the main means of written communication. Schools taught their students typewriting lessons in order to prepare them for the so-called "real world." Later on, the invention of the fax machine improved the speed of written communication. Today, emails are the standard of written communication.

Businesses send emails back and forth. A lot of companies find that they are able to seal big deals with just the use of email.

Email is also used in casual talks and it is a means of correspondence among friends and acquaintances. With such widespread use, it is no wonder that proper email etiquette is necessary.

Here are two important email etiquette tips that can help people send proper business emails:

Keep it Short and Direct – Email etiquette requires that senders keep their emails brief, concise and direct. There is no need for lengthy letters that can end up confusing the receiver. So, when sending an email, it is considered good etiquette if the sender ‘politely’ states his point and objectives immediately.

Answer Swiftly – Check your inbox constantly and answer emails as soon as you can. If the email comes with a question only your superior or business partner knows the answer to, then you can send an email confirming the receipt of the message along with a short message informing the sender that you will be getting back to them ASAP.

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