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Home Cash Flow Solution review and analysis of sales page

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Posted 27th January 2011 at 12:05 AM by psresearch

There are so many people that think just reviewing sales pages is a bad idea. Some will even say "so what if everything on the page is what if all of the testimonials are made what if the scarcity is completely faked to a ridiculous degree...what I want to know is whether or not it's a good product."

To me if a site has to go far out it's way mislead people to make a sale, then I can't imagine why anyone would really want to purchase anything at all from that vendor? Would you send your mom there? Would you send your mom to someone IN PERSON who has just told you, "hey, just a heads up, you probably can't trust me."

So that's why when I do something like the Home Cash Flow Solution review and analysis of it's sales page I don't even go any farther if there are enough red flags on the sales page itself.

Obviously not everyone agrees with that philosophy. To each their own.
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    Hi Paul,

    First of all it has nothing to do with sending your mom anywhere, but I understand what you mean.

    If you wish to deal in comparisons, try would you purchase a product from someone that you know is using a fictitious name and a false identity? And is selling the product in a package that was stolen from another product, or is at the least not a representative package for what is inside?

    Would you buy this with only the guarantee of the fake sellers say so, not really knowing what you would find inside of the made up and deceitful wrappings?

    There is no valid guarantee on the site in question.

    The Trust Guard links are all fake. They are only photocopies stolen from another site, along with all of the testimonials, photographs, and the comments.

    The Better Business Bureau will not accredit them.
    What do you suppose got them that rating? Good customer care? Maybe honesty?

    This is a very deceitful and deceptive site.

    They do not offer a secure payment processor, only debit and credit card billing which makes it very difficult to get a refund.

    When I checked their onsite navigation links none of them worked, so the Terms & Conditions, policy, and other links are not working. But of course they give a guarantee.

    And you can trust them because they are using fictitious names and identities, and everything on their site is all fictitious.

    So please be my guest and purchase whatever it is that they are selling, but be prepared for a fight to get your refund when you are disappointed.

    You might have better luck making your purchase in a dark alley or just downloading the product in a torrent file and risk getting caught or getting a virus on your computer.

    I understand why some people check these sites. I do it myself but that is my job. I review and report what I find. I do get some hateful comments ad emails occasionally but 99.9% of the comments and emails are all positive and thanking me for an honest assessment.

    I hope I do not get banned again and have my posts disappear again for making this comment. I never once mentioned any names, so I should be safe this time.

    But I do l understand where you are coming from. I probably take it a step further and get rather harsh in my reviews. I have sort of taken over Bills job now.

    What is interesting is I received the link in an email that had a name that I trusted. MSN has been hacked a lot recently and this has been harsh for the people that have had their email contacts raked and harvested illegally.

    I just finished the review today. I put it off for a few days but decided that it needed to be finished, since Bill wasn't going to finish it. Check it out on raief, and I will check out yours.

    Did the latest Google slap affect your ranking or traffic at all? Change of subject.
    Posted 8th March 2011 at 06:17 PM by gregw2 gregw2 is offline

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