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How to Get Over Your Fear of Growing Your Business

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Posted 13th February 2011 at 08:10 PM by Puusaari

It takes a lot of courage to start a business. Once you start it and have established your business, it's also easy to become complacent. You're making money and have achieved your initial business goals. Many business owners stop here. They allow their business to plateau. One of the most common reasons is a fear of taking their business to the next level. They're afraid to grow their business. Here's how to get over that fear.

Explore Your Options

Before you can face a fear head on, you may want to explore what your options are. One of the reasons you may fear growing your business is that you only see one option to grow your business and that option isn't appealing. When you sit down and think outside of the box, and allow yourself to daydream and innovate your future business, you may find a growth idea that's inspiring and motivating. This will help you move past your fear.

Determine Where the Fear Is Coming From

What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of more responsibility? Are you afraid of more commitment to your business? Are you afraid of the steps required to grow your business? There are many emotions and things that may be contributing to your fear. Spend some time documenting what you're afraid of. Once you have that information you can determine if:

* The fears are reasonable
* You're willing to face the fears to achieve your goals
* You can eliminate the task and achieve your goal another way

Set Goals

It's sometimes difficult to face your fears if you don't have any motivation or inspiration. Goals can help you push through your fears. For example, you could set a new sales goal or profits goal. If you're money motivated, that will work well to help you push through your fears. If you're motivated to help others, then you can set a new customer goal. Find what motivates you and set goals that reflect your motivation.

Push Through

Sometimes there's nothing you can do to avoid or manage a fear. You simply have to push through it. A positive mindset and confidence in your abilities will help. If you're struggling with fear of growing your business, create an affirmation to help you push through the fear. You won't be label to avoid the fear or the pain associated with it, but you can modify your mindset to help you manage it.

Fear is a part of life. However, you're an entrepreneur. That means you have the skills, mindset and ability to manage your fears and achieve tremendous business success. Use your planning time to explore what your fears are, what you can do about them and where you want to take your business. Then take action to make it happen.

To Your Success,

Ryan Puusaari
Founder of
Achieve Success in Personal Development with Ryan Puusaari
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