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CPC Marketing - Cost Per Click:

Now if you are new to affiliate marketing get ready for a crash course. Affiliate marketing is used by internet companies for relatively cheap advertising. They offer visitors a chance to promote their products or services for a profit. For example I go to website that sells really great hats for a very low price, well if you take an interest in this company and you think you could easily promote this product, you could sign up as an affiliate. Doing this gives you the oppertunity to promote their product and put some cash in your pocket. The Company gives you tools and services to aid in the promotion of their goods you in-turn use these tools, or ads on your website, forumn or whereever to get interested prospects to click these ads. When they do you make a profit ranging from $0.05 to up to $5.00 it all depends on the affiliate.

CPA Marketing - Cost Per Action:

Now that you get the idea of Affiliate marketing and how it works I am going to give you an introduction to CPA marketing. Have you ever got an email or form saying enter to win new tv or find sexy singles in your area. All you have to do is provide your information and get the chance to win a tv or check singles in your area. Well this is the basis for CPA Marketing, you present your prospects with emails or forms to enter there contact information or personal information in for any given service or giveaway offer and in return you make a profit from the company offering the service, product, or giveaway. Now you this is all made possible by CPA networks.
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Affiliate Networks

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Posted 21st March 2009 at 02:54 AM by RAAndrews

CPA Networks

CPA Networks are the middleman between advertisers and publishers. They host CPA offers from their advertisers and then have their publishers aka "Affiliates" push the traffic to these CPA offers and take a percent of the lead value. ("CPA Marketing" 2008) A quick example of how this works is an advertiser pays say $3.50 to the CPA Network for every prospect gained on the network. The CPA network generally then pays the publisher a precentage lets say $2.50 for every prospect. The CPA Network just earned $1.00 comission cut. That is how CPA Networks get thier money. Once you login into a CPA network you have the ability go through and choose the offer or offers you would like to promote. Unique ID's are given for each seperate offer you promote and that is how the CPA network is able to track your individual comissions and prospects. An excellent adventage to working with a CPA Network is you get one check. As opposed to CPC marketing where you recieve checks from multiple affiliates. Well Depending on the number of affiliates you working with. For me I was working with over 50 and I still probably have checks that I will never see, because it is hard to stay on top of that many companies. It is advised to create a spread Sheet with all affiliate information. I would also include locations of links and best ad results. Make sure you keep track of what offers are generating the most prospects or clicks so that you can maximize profits. Use Site tracking software to capture the information.
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