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I Dont Make Any Sh*t here ! And you must not too !!

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Posted 19th May 2010 at 01:26 AM by Raja Kamil
Tags do or die

If you ever think, making money online is really hard, then I should say, you need some courage to at least kick start any online business.

But, if you heard it from someone else, better you stay out from him, and if he still say that crap, say this to him, “BS, I know there’s gold mine here, its only a matter of time, that I will find one”.

I bet I really mean what I wrote. Tell you what. I was once thought, there is no money online nowadays. Every guru had dug it all. That was my first thought. Then one day, I heard this kind of talk.

“Hey newbie, online money is really there, forever. Why? Its because, every day babies are born. Ever baby grow kid, ever kid go teen, every teen go adult, every adult got married and make babies, and the cycle goes on, till the end of the earth”.

Crap? Think it back. Everybody going online nowadays. Even a 2 years old cuite girl (I’m talking about my own daughter), is going online. Yes. She loves, watching Pocoyo on Youtube. Everyday.

Think it back, its never understandable the trends. I ever get 13 years old brat buying my stuff ONLINE.

Yeah. Access to internet is common, its a matter of time, when everything can be bought online.
I live at Malaysia. Unlike US, I need to buy grocery conventionally. Means that, I’ve to troll-trolliying at least once a month. But, thing keep better. Before this, I’ve to buy prepaid card 7 Eleven. Now, I just login to my bank account, and nah, its top up !

I believe, one day, Malaysia will reach what US today.

I once chatting with a Brunei teacher. Since, its very rare to chat with some Brunei, I asked her a lot. From the chatting, I guess, what happen to her country now, is what Malaysia had been 3 years ago.

Ok, back to main course. You must do the digging. If you really serious making money online, then do it now. Yes, there is a word, l.a.t.e.r. But, believe me, 3 years from now, you will be regret not doing it now.

Where to make money?
1. Sell unused stuff at eBay
2. Sell your ideas. You know about homeschooling? Write about it ! A lot of people
want to know how to school their on kids at home. My wife too
3. Sell others stuff. If you hate managing money, sales, and what so ever, do Affiliate.
It will suit you. You just bring visitor to your website, and thats it. Its either convert to sales
or not.

So what’s your concern now? Recession ? Tell you what, I made thousands, yes, thousands of ringgit, within 2 days.
I bet, I would make 5 figures at the end of Mei.

Who Am I ? N.o.b.o.d.y !
I ain’t a guru. I ain’t know everything, I just who have an idea, and is selling it online.

And you, who are you ? Yes, who are you ?
Want to know the answer?

You are what you think !!! written at I Dont Make Any Sh*t here ! And you must not too !! | Raja Kamil dot com
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