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Rapid Automated Income On My Blog - Step By Step How I Approach Traffics

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Posted 19th August 2010 at 12:23 PM by Raja Kamil

I never so excited to promote any Clickbank producct on my blog, and Rapid Automated Income are so lucky that I chose it to be my first experiment.

First, I created 3 Post with keyword optimize that is Rapid Automated Income.

The post that I created are :
1. Rapid Automated Income – How To Buy With Discount
2. Rapid Automated Income Review – Online Home Based Business Opportunity
3. Rapid Automated Income Iron Clad Bonus

After that, I make a page, that stuff in the 3 posts above.
The page is http://rajakamil.com/rapidautomatedincome

Why I did it? What I'm doing is to have good interlinking between the posts.

Almost forget, I also use a "Related Post" plugin on my blog. Therefor, every time someone read one of the 3 posts, he will also have a chance to read my others post regarding Rapid Automated Income.

How I optimize the post?
1. I make sure my keywords have at least in H2 format.
2. I bold the main keyword a few time.

If I'm not mistaken, this is called on page SEO.

Settled the on page SEO, I move on to next step.
Building backlinks for my posts above.
This part, I outsourced it. Less than 24 hour, there are 500 backlinks have been setup to my posts above.
How cool huh?

Video Marketing.
I don't just want my page to get ranked number 1 for my keywords, but I am aiming to conquer the first page results.

Therefor, I also created a video optimized for my keywords. Till now (12 hour has passed), there is no signs that my video will be at the front page.

I hope it will one day.

That is my part of pulling traffic from SEO.
Other than that is, I'm using PPC. Adwords and YSM.

There is a problem to pull traffic using YSM PPC, since my account just allow me to advertise on East Asia only.
From my quick observation, mostly, people that are looking for my keywords are coming from UK and US. Though, I have sent a ticket to their support asking how to get my account advertise worldwide and still waiting their reply.

About Adwords, everything going to be ok.
I setup a few campaign for my keywords.

Each one is setup according to the country.
I also set the ad to only display only at the working time.

My rational is, people go working and they most probably get online at that time.
Early in the morning or late night might be difficult for them to get online and they may have loss focus. I'm afraid, they will click to my ads but do nothing since they are not focus.

I guess, that's all for now. This post is intended to be as log book for what I'm doing for Internet Business.

Raja Kamil
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