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SEO Copywriting - Free Template To Create Your Copy in 30 Minutes or Less!

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Posted 6th August 2011 at 02:48 PM by rapidscc

Stop sweating and start writing in minutes with this simple to use SEO Copywriting template.

Sometimes it's hard to start writing when you don't have a system or a format in place to organize your thoughts and finally digitize your copy ideas.

It could take you hours of staring at your wall or ceiling before the first idea comes.

I've experienced that before as well and after thinking about it, I realized that the primary reason why it took me an hour or more before I can start putting ink on paper or fire away on my keyboard is because I didn't have a standard format for the structure of the copy.

After I created a standard format or template for my sales letters, I started writing faster. It made ideas in my head organized and easier to arrange on my word processor or in paper.

It gave me a map of where to start and where to go next and finally where to stop. It made copywriting more of a step by step process for me and less of a guess work.

Here's the template you can use as well:
  • Grab Attention (headline, subheadline)
  • Describe The Pains
  • Describe The Solutions
  • Describe Your Credentials (You, your product, your service or your offer)
  • Describe The Benefits (present your USP here as well)
  • Testimonials (Credibility hook)
  • Present your offer
  • Limited/exclusive/until supplies last (scarcity hook)
  • List features, demo, bonus
  • Warranty
  • Call to action
  • Give a warning (another scarcity hook)
  • Close with a reminder with PS and PPS, it's scientifically proven that people read PS

Now that you have the template, I hope it gets easier for you. There are more techniques and even proper placement and coloring of elements but you can learn about those later.

For the meantime, to get you up to speed in copywriting, use the template above


P.S. If you need to write a salescopy and you're having a hard time crafting one, visit our site at : Professional Copywriting Service - for a easy, step by step guide.
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    Andyhenry's Avatar
    This is David Frey's 12 step template.
    Posted 27th October 2011 at 05:34 PM by Andyhenry Andyhenry is offline

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