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The Funnel - The Biggest Mistake in SOLO Ads

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Posted 1st January 2014 at 03:47 AM by rdilipk1
Updated 1st January 2014 at 02:02 PM by rdilipk1 (Correcting the link)

It was somewhere in May 2013 that I started my SOLO ad business. The model was not too well known (I mean less saturated) and making a quick buck was very simple.

In about 2 months, I used SOLO ads to build my list from a mere 217 subscribers, to about 9873 subscribers.. If you are wondering the investment that I made to build that list, let me show you the simple mathematics behind the calculation.

My Squeeze Page Conversion = 48%
Clicks required for 9656 Subs = 20,116 clicks
Avg. Cost Per Click for SOLOs = $0.36
Total Spend = $7241.76

Now that's a crazy investment for that list. Isn't that?

But I spent about $1,139 to build this list!!

So here is how it worked.. One of the biggest mistakes that most people starting off with building a list using SOLO ads do, is that they just jump in with a squeeze page and no concrete funnel. It is also important that I mention here that the funnel that I use in SOLO ads is slightly different from my normal sales funnel.

A normal sales funnel involves -
  1. A squeeze page
  2. An OTO
  3. A Downsell
  4. Thank-you page
This is how a SOLO ad funnel differs -
  1. A squeeze page
  2. A redirect page to an OTO (with an exit-redirect to a Clickbanking offer)
  3. The OTO page (with an exit-redirect to a Clickbanking offer)
  4. A clickbanking offer page (with an exit-redirect to another Clickbanking offer)
If you are wondering as to what Clickbanking is, then let me explain it to you -

Clickbanking is an agreement between 2 SOLO sellers, whereby each of them sends out clicks from their funnel, in exchange for clicks.

In simple terms, it means that I agree to send out clicks from my funnel to the SOLO seller with whom I strike the deal and when I have finished sending the clicks, he sends me the same amount of clicks.

Another important aspect you need to keep in mind in the above SOLO funnel is that, your OTO should be a very closely relevant offer to your Squeeze page, preferably priced at around $7.00 in order for high conversions. The objective here is to get as many sales as possible so that you re-coup your investment in the SOLO ad.

Now, there are a few things that you might have noticed in the above SOLO funnel.
  1. I recoup my investment in the SOLO through the OTO that I offer
  2. I also build a decent bank of Clicks, through the clickbanking offer
This is how my stats look when I use the above funnel -

Clicks ordered - 100 Clicks
Conversions = ~48 optins
Sales = Average $32.00
Banked Clicks = 40 Clicks

Effectively that would mean that for every 250 clicks that I buy in a SOLO, I get 100 clicks free.

You will be able to build a decent list using the above method and the funnel in a very short span of time and with a very low investment.

If you too want to build a list just like I did in a short span of time, join me and follow my strategy..

==> Join Me Here
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