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7 Ways You Can Grow Your Amazon Business

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Posted 8th March 2016 at 09:18 AM by repricerexpress

After a busy weekend, it’s nice to kick back with a blog post that’s easy-to-process post with concrete tips and advice. It’s something RepricerExpress is passionate about, and what better way to go there than with 7 steps to make your Amazon business booming?

1. Amazon’s A to Z Will Go A-er to Z-er
One of Amazon’s hallmarks is their ‘A to Z’ promise, a vow to make the customer experience an excellent one. And in 2016, they’re bound and determined to take that promise even further.

As a result, merchants will have to make a concerted effort to ensure quality is at a premium level. While it may seem like a bit of a vague concept, you can help grow your Amazon business by paying attention to the small things so they add up to one big, trustworthy result.

2. Tap into the International Market
This is probably one of the easiest tips to put into place when it comes to growing your Amazon business, as it essentially just requires a few mouse clicks.

There are 10 global marketplaces on Amazon and two different ways of selling to customers around the world: sign up in some or each of the 10 marketplaces, and/or use FBA Global Export Programme to ship items to those international buyers.

Pro tip: using FBA means you get to take advantage of Amazon’s built-in customer support and taxes.

3. Expand Your Paid Advertising Possibilities
No matter what your revenue stream and budget will be for 2016, make Amazon Sponsored Products a priority. You can decide how much money to put into the programme, as their keyword-targeted ads provide a fit for all levels. And because you only pay when your ads are clicked on, it’s really a low-risk, high-reward proposal in furthering your reach.

4. Offer Amazon Prime to Your Consumers
Here’s one statistic you should pay close attention to: Amazon Prime memberships increase at a rate of 12% each year. With such positive growth, why wouldn’t you get on board with this extra pool of buyers? Plus, under the Amazon Prime umbrella are tons more benefits, like being able to tap into the 1 billion FBA items delivered each year and the 185 countries that receive Amazon deliveries.

5. Never Let a Single Negative Review Slip Past You
If you’re doing solid business on Amazon, it’s easy to think that one or two bad reviews will just be buried under all the positive ones. But such thinking can be really bad for business.

While it’s true that those couple of negative reviews may not have a big overall impact, they can get you into the mindset that cutting corners is an okay business practice.

Keep a sharp eye on the small details, and the big picture will fall into place naturally. As well, negative reviews can be an opportunity for you to get feedback on what you need to improve on so you can leap ahead of your competitors.

6. Hold Yourself to Account
Sorta related to the above point is more of the general concept of holding yourself accountable. Although 2015 is a couple months’ gone, we’re willing to bet serious coin you didn’t perform perfectly.

But that’s okay. Nobody will ever be perfect at the Amazon game, but you can use last year to make a checklist of 3-5 major and minor points you should improve on for this year.

7. Take Prime Now for a Test Drive
We wanted to leave this tip for last when it comes to growing your Amazon business because it may not be ideal for everyone. Prime Now, the programme where buyers can receive their products in 1-4 hours, is only available to merchants who’ve already signed up for FBA.

Further narrowing the window is how well your business is currently doing. If it’s not so hot, we strongly recommend strengthening the weak areas before latching onto the fancier stuff.Conversely, if demand is so strong you’re having trouble keeping up with shipments, we’d advise delegating tasks a bit more to address that.

Phew, we had to hold ourselves back a bit from listing every single tip you can take advantage of for growing your Amazon business in 2016, or else we’d have given you a book to read!

But one other tip we wanted to tack on was RepricerExpress, aka pricing your items so competitively, you can become the sole apple of your buyers’ eyes. And how do you transform yourself into such an appealing little nugget?

By first signing up for your free 15-day trial, of course!

*This article first appeared on RepricerExpress' blog

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