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Amazon Seller Jeff Roth talks Automated Pricing and FBA

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Posted 16th May 2016 at 06:57 AM by repricerexpress

This week we spoke to FBA seller, Jeff Roth, from Scan on the Side about repricing, FBA and managing negative feedback. Check out the interview below which is well worth a read for new and experienced sellers alike.

All about Repricing

How did you decide to choose repricing software?

We decided to try out three popular repricers without any prior knowledge or experience with any of them. After testing out all three, RepricerExpress was a clear winner in terms of ease of use, customer service and workability. We knew nothing about any of the platforms which made our choice solely based on our experience.

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How has RepricerExpress helped you?

Being able to compete with other sellers in terms of the Buy Box is something that all serious Amazon sellers need to do to get sales. Manually pricing is too time consuming and ineffective for most sellers and the RepricerExpress software allows various settings depending on the listing, which was very helpful for us.

Was it easy to set up?

The set-up process was amazingly simple to get integrated with Amazon. The work each seller needs to do is determine how to reprice each listing. There are a wide range of repricing options that can be used based upon each seller’s comfort level with net profit.

Have sales increased since using RepricerExpress?

I would estimate our sales using RepricerExpress are more than double what they would have been without.

How much time do you save per week using RepricerExpress instead of manually repricing?

I can’t even guess how many hours it would take to compete for the Buy Box if we did not use RepricerExpress. It’s simply the number one required tool for our Amazon business.

What advice would you give to those who say that Amazon is all about selling for the cheapest price so you can’t make a profit?

I would tell those people to find better products to sell. Our minimum net profit per item we source is $5 and for those items the Amazon Best Sellers Rank needs to be low and we need to find multiples of these items. With customer returns, fees and other costs you simply can’t make ends meet with $2-3 net profit margins.

How do you compete with sellers who seem to be prepared to lower their prices all the time?

There are two ways to approach these situations.

One is to hold and wait until the lower priced sellers are out of product and eventually the Buy Box price will rise back up to your set price. If you’re not willing to hold the items then you can simply match the lower Buy Box price and take a potential loss on the purchase. We have done both depending on the circumstances.

For example, there are plenty Facebook sourcing groups that post a ‘hot’ find at local big box stores. So hot that hundreds of sellers get in on the same item and ‘boom’ the price wars begin. You need to be smart in your sourcing and be prepared to zig when others zag.

How do you manage difficult customers who post negative feedback?

Luckily we haven’t had much negative feedback in our few years of selling. In cases where negative feedback is placed, Amazon is actually very receptive in helping sellers remove unwarranted feedback promptly.

Amazon understands that ultimately they are responsible for buyer satisfaction and unless there was a serious issue where blame lies solely on us the seller, Amazon will take responsibility for any issues that arise. This is another great aspect of selling on Amazon.

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