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How to Increase Traffic to Your Online Store

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Posted 11th April 2017 at 09:50 AM by repricerexpress

Before you can think about building a list of great reviews, before you can figure out how to handle higher sales volume, and before you need to plan out how to fulfil everything, theres one important thing to get worked out: how to increase traffic to your online store. And in this post, well outline some concrete tips you can start using today.

Increase Your Online Presence
One of the first things you want to think about is getting more visible online. This means posting to forums, joining groups, and taking part in Q&As whatever you can do to get your name and stores name out there.

The easy place to start is with Facebook, while a site with a higher learning curve (but with potentially higher payoff) is Reddit. There's a huge and global audience on Reddit, which can lead to more traffic, but you have to be careful because Redditors are a smart, savvy bunch who can smell bs from a mile away. Having said that, here are some shortcuts to becoming a quality Redditor (and minimise the mistakes you make in getting there):

Post high-quality content and write insightful comments. Avoid reposting (you'll get called out on it and downvoted), and read the rules in the sidebar to make sure you're posting in the right group.
  • Learn how to format your writing, such as breaking up sentences into paragraphs so you don't overwhelm and turn off readers with a wall of text. Here's a great site that teaches you all about formatting and markdown.
  • Don't karma-whore. What this means is posting comments or posts with the sole aim of increasing your karma. Instead, be transparent and honest, and only contribute if you've got something worthwhile to add.
  • That being said, build up your karma so you can be seen as a trusted user, but do it in a legit way.
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