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6 Great Reasons to Use Amazon Feedback Software

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Posted 19th July 2017 at 04:25 AM by repricerexpress

Ever wonder why FeedbackExpress has all the buzz surrounding it that it does? It’s because we’re the best at doing all the little things that help you get better visibility as a top Amazon seller. But if you’re wondering what those little things are, then we’ve got six reasons why you need to start using Amazon feedback software right away.

1. You Can Increase the Number of Reviews You Get
On Amazon, reviews are the top way you can get more sales, next to having a Buy Box. Buyers want to know they’re dealing with a trusted seller and quality products, and reading previous consumers’ reviews that says so inspires them to also make that choice.

But if you have too few reviews, how are buyers going to trust you? And with so much on your plate already, why spend more time on asking for feedback when software can do it for you?

2. You Can Reduce the Amount of Negative Feedback You Have
There are two ways to view negative feedback: the first is as a tool to improve yourself, and the second is something that doesn’t need to be permanent. The former is pretty self-explanatory as buyers are telling you what you need to improve for the next time, but the latter can escape your attention and indeed stay there.

With only 60 days in which to get it removed, tending to other matters can make the clock tick faster than you’d like. However, Amazon feedback software can alert you to negative feedback right away—and even take care of all the details with just a few clicks on your end!

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