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Who do you know?

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Posted 9th October 2008 at 06:26 AM by RhondaM

You may or may not have heard about Jay Abraham, whom Stephen Pierce called the 6 BILLION DOLLAR MAN!! That's right 6 Billion dollars is the amount that has been made by Jay Abraham for himself and his clients. So even if you have never heard of this marketing genius, you can surely recognise that this man knows what he is talking about and this man knows how to make money.

It is for this reason, that when Jay Abraham says something, I personally, and many other marketers who are serious about making their business a success, listen.

When Stephen Pierce asked Jay Abraham “what one thing can marketers do to increase their business”, I was astounded to here him say "NETWORKING".

Networking! Is that it?

I was expected some juicy secret and some complicated techniques that I would have to study for months - not Networking.

After thinking about what he had said I realised that he is so right - errr obviously.

That was just a simple answer and a simple solution to so many problems internet marketers experience - yet it was just like internet marketing should be - SIMPLE.

Forums, mastermind groups, conferences, seminars and other events are a great way to meet new people within the industry. Even if they are not in the exact same field as you are, there may be things that you can help each other out with, including tips, tricks, introductions to others and joint ventures.

There is money in people - and every person you know gives you more of a chance of success. That person may be able to introduce you to someone, who in turn introduces you to someone, who could end up being the one person that gives you the information, help and assistance you need to grow your business exponentially. We all know that who we know can be the one factor that explodes our profits.

Post on relevant forums to network and make friends and visit http://www.worldseminarsolutions.com/seminars.htm to network with other marketers in person at a seminar.

If Networking is good enough for the 6 Billion dollar man – its good enough for me.
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