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[BUYER BEWARE] IM Coaching And "Money Back Guarantees"

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Posted 27th July 2013 at 04:05 PM by RichBeck
Updated 8th November 2015 at 08:43 AM by RichBeck

I had someone PM me about my blog post:

[BUYER BEWARE] Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Coach

He asked me ways "Coaches" can work around a "Money Back Guarantee."

The most prevalent one I've seen is the "Coach" isn't 100% clear on what he means by a "Money Back Guarantee."

Most people assume they can just request their money back... and they'll get it. That is rarely the case.

Frequently, they'll only refund you if certain criteria is met.

The problem is some "Coaches" state that up front... others "conveniently leave it out."

You can look through the Warrior Forum and find numerous cases were it was "conveniently left out."

Adding to this problem, PayPal's TOS only covers physical goods.... Coaching is not a "physical good," it is a service... So, you're left to go to your credit card company to see if they will get this squared away.

Yet another problem is many of the "Coaches" are outside of the US. This makes it difficult if not impossible to take legal action against them.

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