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Why I'm Banging The Refresh Key...

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Posted 12th November 2010 at 03:27 PM by Rob Howard

I’ve always been one to not really give a hoot about Google. I mean, I REALLY don’t care about my rankings.

I don’t say that lightly either. My philosophy has always been “go where the traffic directly is!”

A lot of people think that Google owns all the traffic in the world. (Just like a lot of people think Colleges and Universities seem to have a monopoly on education…but that’s another rant for another time)

Let me tell you something right now – Google doesn’t own all the traffic in the world!

Case in point: Right now as I’m writing up this post I am busy pressing refresh every 5 seconds on a warrior banner ad payment.

Allen Says has allowed 10 spots (or 6 spots of 1 day ads) to be displayed at the top of the Warrior Forum.

This is freakin’ amazing for those who sell products in the IM niche, and plenty at the Warrior Forum know it…


Because like the WSO forum – this is amazing, well qualified, dirt cheap traffic, faster and easier than trying to rank in Google.

Of course, you COULD argue that it’s paid advertising – and yes, paid advertising is indeed easier.

But here is the kicker – what makes a banner in a forum so powerful?

Because the traffic has already gathered there!

It’s so powerful, that so many of us at the Warrior Forum are FIGHTING over banner ad positions – it’s gotten so bad that many of us just sit in front of our computers hitting “refresh”, hoping that we’ll beat the next guy in getting that sacred cow.

Now, you don’t have to run a banner ad to take advantage of Forum Traffic. You can post helpful material, put links in your sig file, offer up JV deals with forum owners.

Of course, it goes beyond just forum’s. Ezinearticles and Youtube are one of my biggest traffic sources – I get enough traffic from these to not have to worry about my rankings in Google.

Also, there is JV and affiliate deals. Having someone broadcast to their list or getting an army of affiliates to promote you gives you a certain edge over a lot of “SEO” marketers and that edge is speed.

Now, I’m not knocking SEO. I do it too, mind you. It’s silly to completely ignore Google.

But what I am saying – and for everyone that struggles to get started online – is to stop worshiping the Google God and instead think creatively about how you can leverage traffic that is already at sites without needing to rank.

Once you do that, you will be really free from the Google obsession, and even more importantly, you’ll be able to generate traffic instantly, without ever worrying about “what google will do”. It’s a much safer position to be in!

Hope this helps everyone.

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