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Copywriting Tips - Analogy and Testimonial Storytelling Methods That Boost Sales

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Posted 21st November 2008 at 09:15 AM by Robert Plank

When you write copy for sales letters, it improves your conversions and keeps prospects on your site longer if you can tell a story while you sell. In the past I have described my two favorite types of stories: the What-If approach (start with the word "imagine" and build up imagery), and the How-To approach, where you turn your ad into an advertorial and try to teach prospects something before you sell to them. My other two favorites types of stories are the Analogy and Testimonial stories... which complete my thoughts about "W.H.A.T." types of stories you should be telling.

The "A" story is the analogy. Once, I saw a sales letter from Armand Morin where he explained the force behind a tsunami... a 600 foot tidal wave... it keeps building and building then he lead into the viral nature of the program he was promoting. To tell an analogy story, all you need to do is begin talking about some random fact and connect that to a selling point, like I just explained with Armand's sales letter.

An easy way to find trivia to kickstart analogy sales letters is to search for "snapple trivia." You can find a list of trivia such as, "The city of Los Angeles has 3 times more cars than people" or "Elephants only sleep two hours a day." Pretend you were selling a product about how to sleep better in less time. You could say, elephants only sleep two hours per day, so why are you using up four times that?

A easy story method is the Testimonial sales letter. Get people to review your product, take the best testimonial and turn their main point into a headline, their secondary point into a subheadline, and so on. You can even edit their text and expand on some of their points, with their permission of course. You can go back and interview that customer to get more details. I heard once that giving proof in testimonials takes three steps: Convince the prospect that you accomplished something, convince the prospect that someone else accomplished something, and finally convince the prospect that they themselves can accomplish the same result.

Those are two best storytelling methods for copywriting: the analogy and the testimonial. Combine them with other storytelling methods I have explained previously and you have the "W.H.A.T." system: What-If, How-To, Analogy, and Testimonial strategies for copywriting.

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