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Your Product Will Sell 50 Times Better As a System

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Posted 17th December 2008 at 11:26 AM by Robert Plank

My little piece of advice to you today is that your product needs to be a system, not just an "e-book" or a "report."

The more and more you learn copywriting the more you can apply those techniques to everything you do. Think about any time someone has tried to present information to you. A forum post. A job interview. Even a simple telephone conversation.

Those people that presented their information as a problem... leading up to a solution... connected together with a story... were the ones that delivered the most powerful message.

So you really can use your copywriting skills to write just about anything. Need to write a chapter of an e-book? Figure out the benefits, headlines, call-to-action at the end of the chapter, and so on... but write your headlines as short sentences. Write your bullet points as short sentences or paragraphs.

But use those same ideas.

Here's how you can really take that problem-solution idea to the next level: present your information as a system.

That's what I did in Five Minute Copywriting. When I wanted to list some current event based story templates for your sales letters, I called it the "F.I.N.D." method... Favorite, Issue, News, and Dialectic.

You can do the same thing. When you have something important to explain to people, cut it down to as few words as possible and try to spell something out of it.

It doesn't even have to spell a real word... you probably know the term USP... Unique Selling Point. It explains exactly what it means - i.e. Domino's Pizza was the first pizza chain to offer the "delivered in 30 minutes or less" guarantee.

The inventor of that term (Rosser Reeves) called his idea a USP because he was coining his own terminology. You could do the same.

AIDA... Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. The most important acronym in copywriting and everyone remembers it... because it's been presented as a system.

So... make sure to present your product as a "system" and not just another boring textbook, or encyclopedia.

Get the exact step by step formula to write a sales letter in five minutes or less, complete with easy to use worksheets and plug-n-play headlines, offers, stories, and guarantees...
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