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Local Marketing Content Site - Nantucket

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Posted 9th November 2012 at 02:31 PM by Ron Douglas

One of the things I'm working on is starting a local marketing site where I get volunteer writers from the community to have their own blogs on the site.

I got the idea from an SEO client of mine who started a site all about Nantucket MA.

She started Nantucket Chronicle. And it's doing really well in under a year. She's got a nice team of local writers whom she calls "Captains" and because of the traffic she's getting, local advertisers are paying her for banner ads.

Some of the key points I got from her:

- You need a content management system to make it work. She used Drupal which is a popular open source solution. Personally I get a headache just thinking about my experience with Drupal. I'd much rather use Joomla or WPMU.

- You need an authority sounding domain name with the town in it. The news sounding words do well such as: Chronicle, Gazette, Post, Weekly, Times, etc

- It helps to have a theme that the locals can relate to. Her theme is "watching the pass" which is relevant to Nantucket being a town near the water or something like that (you'd have to be a local to understand) lol.

- Once you have these components, it's pretty easy to get locals to write for you. Many of them will do it for exposure for whatever projects or ventures they're involved in. For example, a real estate agent writing about Real Estate trends in the area. Or what about travel agents, party promoters, wedding planners, etc. They'd love to have a platform to share their ideas, which is what you're providing them.

- You can also set it up so that contributing writers can earn a percentage of the revenue from there posts. Even if it's only enabling them to put their Adsense code on the page. There are plugins for the CMS systems I mentioned that do this for you.

- And as you know - Quality Content = Traffic. All you have to do it set it up with some basic SEO and link building and let it do it's thing. One thing I recommended to my client is to give her writers steps to take before and after they post such as using popular keywords in their post titles, tagging posts, sharing on social media, social bookmarking, referencing/linking to other relevant posts on the site, etc.

- Once you start getting some traffic, you can easily find advertisers who want exposure to the marketplace by looking in places they're already advertising such as the local Pennysaver.

If you're looking for a fun project that will help your local community, consider starting a local marketing site like: http://www.nantucketchronicle.com/na...cket-chronicle

NOTE: Feel free to use this article as long as you keep the links in place.
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