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How To Make Money Online. This is Where Most top Gurus Began.

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Posted 15th February 2011 at 02:25 AM by Ronny Kibet

As a newbie just like everybody began, you will
definately come across a ton of information about making money online.

2 years ago when i first just starting out, i was told about creating a blog, getting products from clickbank then get traffic to the blog. I will make a ton of sales. I mean this was just general information without any direction to follow whatsoever.

So in this post today i will teach every newbie out there that need to learn how to make money, really make money and fast.

The place of focus today will be ebay. Why Ebay you ask? Selling on ebay is like having a commercial broadcast to the world. You really don't have to have targeted traffic.

In fact most gurus started from Ebay. Just to
mention a few Brad Callen, he even talks about how he started. You can chek out his website
bradcallen.com. Saj P and many more.

Ebay get thousands of visitors a day. Now am sure most of you sell stuff that are around your house. That random junk that is still laying around, e.t.c. Well that is until you run out of stuff to sell. This is a problem most new Ebay sellers are facing, and i am going to show the steps to go about everything in detail.

Buying and Reselling

This is an initial investment, and don't worry, you are not going to spend $500 to make $550. NO! Of-course there are many ways to buy products and sell them on Ebay, but in this blueprint i am going to teach two things. And how to go about them.

1. Liquidation

Liquidation is the process of taking a business real assets and turning them into cash, either to pay off debt or to reap a personal profit.

You have probably watched these commercial on TV about liquidation blowout sales or stuff is going on with business, You need to take advantage of that . Go to those places, and get these things. You can find these things for like upto 80% off.

Lets say that something that is retailing for $100, and you can get it for like $20, then you go to ebay, and list it for half price. I am telling you, almost everybody looking for that product will bid on it, and it's going to sell everytime.

Here you will get $30 profit and usually you can sell it for more than half a price. So what if you bought 10 of these things and sold them for half price in 1day? that about $300 profit in a single day. Let me tell you with liquidation alone i have made upto $5600/month. I first started making like $2000 and it has gone up and it has maintained the $5000 sector.

Now before you run into any liquidation sales,
search for liquidation companies, find out what they are selling and how cheap you can be able to get it.
After that head over to Ebay and check what it's
going for. If it's going for the same price with what you can get it from the liquidation store, then you cannot buy that. Use Common sense. All your buying decision has to be made based on your research. The best price i can suggest you get it for is like 70% off

What Not to sell
Now don't go and buy an Ipod and try to resell it. I don't mean to be rude, but that is stupid. Whatever you do don't sell mainstream items e.g laptops, guitars, ipods. DON'T resell these at all. WHY? you ask, the world is selling those things. How are you going to compete with that? Go to ebay and type in ipod, you will get a billion results. Almost everyone is selling ipods. Most of these people have a contract with the manufacturers where they buy them in bulk,
wholesale lots and get they get deals on them then they list them for dirt cheap. You can't afford to list it as cheap as they can. I mean if you want to go and make an ipod business on ebay. be my guest, but it's not going to be easy
and there is going to be a big investment.

What to sell

So what you are basically going to sell are, unique, specific items that you never thought would sell. One day i sold desk lamps and at the base of them, they had robots and everybody thought it was cool. They sold like crazy. I bought them for $5 each and i sold
them for $25 each. First i just bought 1 and listed it for the $25 and it sold so fast. After that i went back to that online store and brought a ton of them and i made a killing.

I know alot of people have trouble thinking about what to sell, here is what i like to do. Think about all the things that you think would be selling. Now take all these out of your head, Forget about them. Then think about all those stuff that you think will never sell. Random stuff, look around where you are. I can
see a light bulb, it can be door knobs, e.t.c. You
know, weird stuff that are unique.

2. Drop shipping

Drop Shipping is a supply chain management
technique in which a retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfer customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacture or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

A lot of people fail with drop shipping because of one simple mistake. They go to this huge, popular, reputable drop shippers and they buy their stuff for drop shipping. They then go look on Ebay and their stuff is selling at the same price they brought for! You know how that is not going to work? Because the whole world is buying from that drop shipper. Just can't go into this drop shippers and expect to make money.

So you always have to find a place that no one
knows about, or not many people are involved. Now you are wondering, Ronny, where can i get that? Simple, go to Google and type drop shipping, then visit the 100th page or even 1000th . There are some good drop shipping companies that are trying to rank SEO-wise and almost nobody heard of them, and they are hiding somewhere deep in the search

Call up the company, this are the word that i have always started with and had success with them
"Hey, my name is Ronny, and i sell stuff on Ebay. I would like to find out if you guys can do drop shipping for me. I would also like to know what products you are selling."
Immediately, he/she will give you all the information as much as possible. Now they will give you a list of products they are selling. Go to Ebay and find out how the bids look like for these products. If they are higher than what you will get from the drop shipper, you are hooked.

Another thing before you start selling on Ebay is to try getting your positive feedback high, because that will raise prices like crazy. People will know that you are reputable and good seller.

The Easiest way to get your reputation up is not by selling, first take $20 and go buy $0.60. $0.70 e-books. Buy like as much as you can, and make sure you buy from different sellers. Once you buy, give each a positive feedback, and they will do the same for you. When you do this you are going to end up with like 40 positive feedbacks, and you are going to sound really reputable. People are going to consider you as a best seller.

How to list you items.

-Try to include pictures, if you are selling stuff worth more than $10
-Your product description matters. Sometimes you can sound personal . I used to write a story. I would say for example i am selling this golf club. They are my son's, but he does not need them anymore, and i can't make my car payments. That's why i am selling it.
People are going to buy because you sound so real.

-List it at a starting bid of $0.99. People are going to go crazy. like 'i can get this stuff for just $0.99?' And you are going to get more bids.

When to list your items.
List your products when people are buying. Usually Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.You don't want to list your item on wednesday or something. pssht!

So there you have it, a complete, thorough blueprint
that will start making you money almost immediately.

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    just Zer0's Avatar
    Brother thats a pretty sweet post, I like it. Your point about going to liquidation sales as a main source of cheap goods has inspired me deeply - only recently there were a few big sales in my town due to a full large companies closing down.

    One was Woolworths, they now operate online only with warehouses and delivery, no store fronts.

    That shop sold everything from baby clothes to dvd players to kichen untensils - and - I know myself how eBay works (I've just never invested any of my own time into it) - I can see that I'd make a killing!

    So do you have your eBay business still running today?

    Nice first blog post

    Posted 16th February 2011 at 05:12 AM by just Zer0 just Zer0 is offline
  2. New Comment
    Good post, this will definitely inspire anyone who wants to go eBay route.

    Unlike every other business, perseverance is the key. Most people fail out on ebay because they cannot stand the eBay test and challenges.

    I wish you the best in life just as i wish myself
    Posted 18th February 2011 at 06:25 PM by garraye34 garraye34 is offline
  3. New Comment
    Brandon Mack's Avatar
    Excellent Article.

    Posted 20th September 2011 at 03:13 PM by Brandon Mack Brandon Mack is offline

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