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25 Ways To Increase Your Warrior Special Offer's (WSO) Sales

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Posted 22nd October 2012 at 11:46 AM by Ross Cohen

As you know, Warrior Special Offers can be extremely profitable. At the same time, you can’t just launch a product and expect it to bring in tons of sales. There’s a lot that goes into it… gaining the trust of buyers… creating real quality (not just perceived quality)… and over-delivering every time to build a positive reputation. These 25 tips will assist in making your launches more profitable by increasing your WSO’s sales and conversions.
  1. Time your initial launch to be when your largest demographic is online. While most product owners sell to anyone and everyone, they also generally have a demographic in mind. Perhaps they believe the majority of their sales will come from people in the US. Maybe people in the UK. When initially launching, aim for when your buyers are awake. The morning and early afternoon generally are better than at night right before they’re about to go to sleep. People don’t go shopping right before going to bed, right? I will remind you to bump your WSO during off-times as well. If you always bump your thread around the same time there’s a whole other part of the world that may never see your offer! If you bump your WSO regularly at noon, try midnight. You might be surprised at the results.
  2. Have the WSO post IMMEDIATELY after one with a high post and view count is bumped. When there are multiple threads around yours with similar post and view counts, each gets kind of lost. They all merge together, and the ones then with huge post and view counts then stick out. However… if you’re the one right before or after one of these macho-threads, you’ll be the one to stand out. Better yet, when there are several macho-threads (maybe 3 or 4 in a row), yours REALLY stands out. This could involve some time refreshing the page until it’s the perfect launching/bumping moment… but it’s worth it.
  3. Edit your sales copy like crazy before calling it complete. Read it over ten times if you must! If your sales thread has spelling and grammatical errors in it, you’re going to lose a lot of potential buyers. How can people trust that your product is worth buying when you can’t even spend the time to run a spell check? What does that say about what they’re buying – that it’s junk? Don’t run the risk. Look it over as many times as you need to until it’s perfected. If you’re not the best person to do this job, find another Warrior to look for errors… or ask a friend or family member. In the long-run it’s worth it (even if you have to pay for the editing job).
  4. Right after launching, make a post immediately for FAQ and/or testimonials. Owning the first post (below your original post or sales thread) is necessary. You can post FAQs there, testimonials, or whatever you’d like. Immediately after posting the WSO you can put something there such as “Reserved for FAQ” and work on it later, or add testimonials as they come in, but regardless of what you put there, reserve that spot right away… otherwise it’s gone forever.
  5. Have the first thing in your WSO be text… not an image. When someone is visiting the Warrior Special Offers section and put their cursor over your WSO’s title, a small amount of text shows up. Generally about the first sentence of your thread. If the first thing in the WSO is an image, though, your cursor will bring up text such as: <img src=http://www.YourImageHere.com>. Doesn’t explain too much, does it? Doesn’t make people want to click and learn more, huh? If you want your entire WSO to be an image that’s fine… or if you want to have a header… but try to make the beginning pure text. Stylizing the text isn’t a problem by the way – go ahead and bold or italicize it, make it any size… nothing like <b> or <i> will show up.
  6. Having some sort of affiliate program to allow others to promote your WSO is key. Now due to the new WSO rules, you can’t promote affiliate programs in the WSO itself. However, you can tell buyers about it, previous subscribers, and so on. Let these people join an affiliate program of yours (through JVZoo, Warrior+, e-Junkie, DigiResults, etc.) and offer a high percentage commission (75%+, preferably). You can also create banners (or have them created) in various sizes so people can post them with a link to your offer on their own website or blog. Consider it free advertising… besides the commission of course – though it won’t exceed 100% so you won’t ever have to pay for it like CPC (cost-per-click) advertising. Every extremely successful product launch involves many affiliates. The more the better. You can’t be the sole salesperson of your product… it’s just not possible.
  7. If you’re not a Warriorforum veteran or Internet marketing guru, keep your prices low. Without a big reputation, selling a high-ticket item is extremely difficult. The only reason people pay big bucks for products is because the seller’s previous products have been mind-blowing. If it’s your first (or even second or third) product and people generally don’t know you, keep your prices low. Most e-Books sell well around the $7 range… or if it’s more extensive perhaps $17. The same e-Book by a veteran could go for $37 or $47 or more, but you need a reputation before you can compete in the big leagues. You’ll get there my friend. Plus, ten $7 buyers may be better than two $17 buyers… not just because you’ll make more… but because you can start growing your list of buyers. Speaking of growing your buyers list, to do this, you’ll need an autoresponder. I recommend the one I use and love – AWeber.
  8. Offer multiple tiers of pricing for those that have small as well as large budgets. Some people have a lot of money and others have a tighter budget. Someone may want to buy your product for $7, but someone else may be willing to pay $67. Offer different tiers of pricing with different items included. Perhaps a higher-priced version of your WSO will include resale rights, more content, special support… whereas the low-end might only include an e-Book, for example. If they buy the high-end, you get the big bucks… if they buy the low-end, you get a new subscriber and a couple bucks in your pocket. Remember that all of these tiers can be in the same thread – you don’t need to create a separate WSO for each.
  9. Don’t plan to sign offline and head to the bar to celebrate immediately after your launch. When you happily click that “Post” button and your WSO goes live, only then does your job actually begin. First you’ll cross your fingers everything is working properly such as the buying process and autoresponder. Hopefully everything is integrated perfectly and you’ve already tested it. People, even a minute after your launch, may post a question and if you don’t respond right away, you run the risk of losing a sale. With the WSO being so visible for the first hour or two, use this valuable time to answer questions as they arise. Maybe no one will ask a question… who knows… but maybe you’ll receive a handful of them by PM and/or in the thread. Don’t go partying just yet!
  10. Those with similar products to yours may seem like competitors but they’re actually your closest allies. People selling similar products could take your sales and they probably will. They ARE your competitors, but competition doesn’t have to have a negative result. Talk to them, become their friends. See how you can help them, and in turn they should ask how they can help you. Maybe you can promote each other. Maybe you can have some sort of joint venture (JV), or put out a product together. Who knows what can happen, but until you open up the conversation, nothing positive (or profitable) has the opportunity to occur.
  11. Respond promptly and respectfully to every comment, question, and review of your product in your WSO. As you might know, social proof is one of the most important things for products. People don’t want to pay money unless they know it’s for something worthwhile… and they know you’re going to say it’s good… you made it. They want other people to say it (and not just your Mother and Brother). The more positive reviews and testimonials you have the better. Out of politeness and in an attempt to create a relationship with the individual, responding back to the person that left you a comment (in your WSO especially) is vitally important. Thank them, comment back, even ask them a question… it goes a long way. If you so choose you can also ask for reviews of your product in a section of the forum – the “Warriors Looking To Hire You” section. In return for a copy of your product you can acquire reviews of what people think of the product itself prior to your launch. That way you have some social proof immediately. No one likes being the first buyer after all (it’s almost like being the guinea pig). Just make sure you’re being provided with honest reviews… otherwise they’re useless.
  12. Bend over backwards to attract affiliates both big and small. As I said previously, affiliates are what will help make your product take off. These affiliates, especially the “big dogs”, you NEED to become best friends with. You need to please them more than you’ve ever pleased anyone in your life. Do whatever they want (… well, within reason), and thank them, thank them, and thank them some more for their help. While you’ll be paying them commissions, they’re also taking a risk with your product. If you don’t offer refunds when requested, don’t respond to emails, or your product doesn’t work, the buyers are coming after that affiliate… and then that affiliate is coming after you.
  13. Include a link (or image) to your WSO in your signature on the Warriorforum. For $60/year you can have an image in your signature (the size being 234x60). Above the list of people currently on the forum you can find the link that says, “Want An Image In Your Signature?” This enhances the number of people that will see your signature (images are more easily seen than text) which you can link to your WSO. Free traffic (besides the annual $60) – all you have to do is post in the forum. Don’t think it’s as easy as that though. You have to provide quality to the forum… don’t just go posting small one-liners everywhere for exposure. Contribute and it’ll pay off.
  14. Don’t think you have to create every part of your WSO from the copy to the graphic design. Some people see outsourcing as negative or as a taboo. Outsourcing is necessary. The reality is… you can’t do it all. You aren’t an expert in everything… at least I’m not. There are plenty of great workers online (and on the Warriorforum) to help with this sort of stuff whether it be sales copy, graphic design, website building, WSO design, or whatever else you may be in need of. Generally for reasonable prices as well. I’d recommend someone that has plenty of testimonials so you know their job will come out beautifully and on time.
  15. Consider starting your WSO’s title with periods or a bracket to stand out. When there are 50 WSOs in a row they tend to look the same and get lost. It’s kind of like finding a needle in a haystack. There is too much hay! When you start your WSO with “…”, “[“, or “{“, you’ll find your thread to really stand out from the crowd (don’t forget to close the brackets at the end!) Standing out from the crowd is a good thing as you’ll get more clicks and thus more sales. You might end up sticking out like a sore thumb… but in this case, that’s a wonderful thing.
  16. Use a common, trusted payment processor such as PayPal. When convinced of buying your product, the individual will click your buy button and be directed to a checkout page. There are many payment processors out there and some are simply more trusted than others. An individual’s credit card information is extremely valuable and people don’t like it being entered all over the place. Especially their name, address, and other personal information along with it. People do, however, trust PayPal, and other well-known processors such as 2Checkout, 1ShoppingCart, and Google Checkout. Using a trusted company such as these will result in less shopping cart abandonment.
  17. If using a OTO (one time offer) to increase the average checkout total, don’t take advantage of it… have it be USEFUL for your buyer (consider it a thank you). Buyers hate nothing more than purchasing a product and realizing if they don’t pay an extra fee, they only receive something that will minimally help them… that they have to pay more to actually be helped. Don’t make your buyers mad. This is the worst possible thing you can do. Be upfront and honest with them. If you have a OTO, that’s fine, but don’t let it retract from your original offer. Further, make the OTO amazing. Make it a no-brainer… an offer so good that it can’t be refused. And better yet, over-deliver! Over-deliver on the original product and over-deliver on the OTO. How happy will your buyers be then?! VERY.
  18. Long sales copy is fine… but only if its purpose is clear and powerful. A lengthy sales page accommodates to the desires of some buyers. Some buyers enjoy reading a lot of text before buying to understand exactly and precisely what they’ll be receiving. Unfortunately, some long sales pages don’t even answer the necessary questions. They just go on and on about virtually nothing. Rambling and ranting can be okay in some cases, but sales pages should be focused mainly on explaining the product: what is included, how much it costs, your background, if any support or money-back guarantee is offered… you know the drill. Don’t waste people’s time… time is very valuable, especially for Internet marketers. Similarly, don’t underestimate the potential of a short sales copy. Personally I’m a fan of short sales copy (to-the-point, strong, and entertaining to be exact). Your script doesn’t need to be extremely long. It can be any length you want it to be… it just has to accomplish what its purpose is… to explain and sell the product. If you can do it in 100 words, more power to you! From experience, I’d say on the low-end you’re going to want at least 500 words. Some people – most people – prefer the 1,000-3,000 word range depending on what sort of product is being sold and how much information must be explained.
  19. It may be in your best interest to re-launch your WSO instead of bumping it. Launching your WSO and bumping it cost the same amount.When re-launching, your WSO gets more traction because it’s syndicated by some Warriorforum-related sites (some in which show people newly launched WSOs with their specified keyword such as “PLR” or “Blogging”). Plus, seeing a brand new WSO with 0 views appears to be more promising to people. Maybe it’s a goldmine that has never been seen before (or so they might think). If you have tons of positive testimonials, you may decide to just bump… which by no means is a bad decision. Just understand that you have the option. If you have anyone bad-mouthing your product in a comment, I would certainly recommend not bumping but rather re-launching.
  20. Don’t think your WSO is going to make you rich… realize that it’s a long-term process. I’ll tell you right now, your WSO alone won’t make you rich… even if it’s truly magnificent. There are so many factors to the launches that bring in millions of dollars. These people have been in the game for many years and don’t just release a product and get tens of thousands of buyers for no reason. When launching your WSO, don’t expect thousands of buyers. Don’t even expect hundreds. Say you get 20 buyers – great. Your next launch, you might get 25% of them and another 30 buyers as people recognize your name and you have testimonials (this all assuming that your previous buyers raved about your product). The next launch, maybe 25% of the original 20, 25% of the 30, and then even more because again, more recognition and more testimonials. See how it builds? This doesn’t happen overnight, even for the best of us. Set your goals high, but be reasonable.
  21. Over-deliver EVERY TIME. You know those friends that go above and beyond to help you? Aren’t they the ones you will always be behind? Aren’t they the ones you really care about and would do anything for? See – if you create a product and sell it to someone, great. If it’s a top-notch product, your buyers should love it. But especially with the amount of competition nowadays, it’s not just about delivering. You better make every buyer’s jaw drop. Tell them they’re getting A, B, and C, but give them D, E … X, Y, AND Z. They’ll remember that you’re the person that truly cares and gives out material worth hundreds of dollars for only $7 – $27 – or $67. That’s the name and reputation you want.
  22. With so many WSOs being released each and every day, yours better be truly something special (remember that it is a Warrior SPECIAL Offer). I don’t want you to waste your money… after all it does cost $40 to list a WSO. A lot of WSOs fail, too (perhaps more than that succeed). If you want to launch one just to launch one, don’t. There are SO many out there that yours has to be worthwhile. It has to be worthwhile for buyers to buy and for affiliates to promote. It doesn’t have to be unique – as in, there could be other WSOs like it on the market, but yours has to do something special. Whether it’s cheaper than the others on the market (for those with small budgets), includes resale rights, or is simply higher-quality than any alternative, you need some sort of value proposition… and it better be a darn good one.
  23. Upload a profile picture. People like putting a face to the name. As strange as it may seem, having a profile picture (not of a cat – of yourself) will actually increase your sales. Fill out your profile… people would like to know where you’re from, your background, and how old you are. It just gives them a sense of comfort and trust. Be honest with people and they’ll love you for it. You’re not from the middle of the sea and you’re not 167 years old, either.
  24. Have 100+ posts before you consider launching a WSO. While your product-making skills have no reliance on how many posts on the Warriorforum you have, potential buyers are more likely to buy from you based on your reputation on the forum. If you offer quality posts, have a recognized name, and as many “thanks” as possible, you’ll find yourself with more sales. It’s kind of like working at a job for 10 years opposed to working for only 1. Being more seasoned, it’s assumed that you know more and, as you’ve spent some time on the forum, probably want to build on your reputation rather than tarnish it. After all, as the Warriorforum can bring riches for many online entrepreneurs, risking ones account is probably not the best long-term idea.
  25. When payment issues arise, especially post-payment, tend to them immediately. After you’ve purchased something online you’re extremely vulnerable. You want to receive what you paid for immediately. When your download link comes and it’s invalid or you’re redirected to a blank page after payment, you’re frightened. Am I right? Unless buying from a well-known online business, your immediate thought: scammed; money just went down the drain. You start getting nervous and send out an email about the problem. When receiving an email back within a minutes or an hour, wonderful. You’re calmed and everything is okay. Now imagine 24 hours pass and you don’t receive an apology or explanation on how to proceed to receive what you paid for – how annoyed are you?The moral of the story is: don’t let payment issues become a problem for buyers. If there’s an issue… that’s okay… glitches happen… but fix the issue and make things right as soon as possible. Even follow up after a day or two to make sure everything is working properly, or send them some additional material that they might be interested in as an apology. They’ll remember your sincerity down the road when you launch another product.
So there you have it, folks. I hope these 25 ways to increase your WSO’s sales will have positive results for you. Leave a comment below – let me know which tip you found most helpful – or feel free to add #26!
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