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[EARLY BIRD] The day has Come! Marvelous Wordpress Theme is Released!‏

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Posted 17th September 2014 at 10:18 AM by Ross Dalangin

As a website owner, you know how important the content of your website is. Carefully planned articles and text can boost your search engine rankings and keep your visitors happy with quality information. You also know how important aesthetics are — the look and feel of your website is key to retaining visitors and making sure they return to your site.

The Marvelous WordPress theme is designed to make your life easier. It’s a hassle free way of setting up fast, responsive websites that look incredible. With loads of customizable features, the Marvelous Theme can be applied to any site in any category in minutes and can boost your visitor retention overnight.

Professional web design costs hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars. Making sites yourself can take you hours. Neither of these methods is guaranteed to yield the results you want — your designer might not understand what you want, and you might not be able to test your website on every platform and mobile device personally. The Marvelous Theme solves all of these problems. Priced at only $17, it offers professional templates and simple customization. You can rest easy knowing that your website will look great on any phone, computer or tablet.

Many website owners lose thousands of dollars because they fail to cater to mobile users. If people can’t easily browse your site on a cell phone, they’ll give up! This can cost you money from lost ad revenue and sales. The Marvelous WordPress Theme is specifically designed with mobile users in mind. It automatically creates mobile and tablet versions of your site and delivers them to each individual user, ensuring that everyone has the best browsing experience. With all the work it does for you, it’s a premium WordPress Theme that’s well worth your money.

While other WordPress themes exist, the Marvelous Theme can’t be beat. It’s designed with all of the latest tools — CSS3, HTML5, Jquery, Twitter Bootstrap and Modular. This ensures that it’ll stay up to date with any new web developments while being as fast and lightweight as possible. The customer support team is available to take your feedback and help you with any questions year round at any time. Best of all, while other premium WordPress themes can cost hundreds of dollars, the Marvelous Theme is less than the price of a dinner for two. If you want a way to make a professional site, fast, you can’t go wrong.

Despite these features, the Marvelous WordPress Theme is easy to set up for your website or business. While some premium WordPress themes offer limited customization, the Marvelous theme has multiple optional sections, diverse color palettes and plenty of room for your content. You can easily customize the theme to suit your needs with just a few clicks, even if you’re a complete WordPress novice. Take a look at the sample sites to see how diverse and beautiful the sites it can build are!

Don’t wait! Every day you delay, you lose crucial visitor retention, bookmarks, and social media attention. With how quick, simple and easy the Marvelous Word Press theme is, there’s no excuse for lost business. Your new, professional site will have people talking about you in no time. Your customers won’t be embarrassed to share your website on Facebook anymore. You’ll see increased traffic, sales and ad revenue, driving your website straight to the top.

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