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Can Twitter Make You Money-Yes! (Well maybe)

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Posted 8th September 2017 at 11:47 AM by rozzski999

Can Twitter Make You Money-Yes! (Well maybe)

Everyone has heard of Twitter, yes everyone! It is one of the biggest advertising platforms in the world!

Some Facts in case you do not believe me!

328 Million Current Users
700 Million Active Accounts
1.6 Billion people reached each month
157 Million people a day Tweet something
139 World Leaders Tweet
Barrack OBAMA is the highest Tweeter of world leaders
Info from 2017

Twitter is actually growing more and more and yet marketers are not harnessing the power of Twitter… until now!

Social Media gives any business or marketer a strong business presence, most people use Facebook but not Twitter, not sure the reasons why but I have used it for years and had some success!

Twitter is not a selling platform for your store- it’s a stand alone platform which can be used to ADVERTISE ANYTHING! Link this up with an eye catching image and you are half way there!

How Do I Make Money?

Grab yourself an affiliate link to what ever product you are advertising, i.e. click bank, warrior or even Kingged! Carefully word a Tweet (140 Characters) and put your link in that’s be shortened- ideally not direct to the offer- use a landing page and give away a free report etc. (See my other blogs)

If you need hosting for landing pages see my review of the top 3 here :

Click HERE For Hosting Reviews Of Hostgator v Godaddy V Bluehost

More Tweets

Twitter Ads can be very useful; you can put your tweet in front of the relevant customer base and match customers with keywords. That way instead of putting tweets out on your own account and hoping they will be picked up by using Twitter Ads you can guarantee the right people see it!

Sell Your Tweets

Once you have a large following and it has to be niche specific, i.e. following in a Health Niche, Sports etc you may find yourself being approached to Tweet on others behalf’s, there are also a number of affiliate programs out there to do this.

You can also approach other accounts and offer to do this. I have a following of over 70,000 in the photography/tech niche and have sold Tweets for $10 per tweet!

Is It Worth It?

You cannot make money overnight with Twitter. You need a good niche and a large following to get noticed and get action.

Build your account with REAL Followers, not fake, that’s pointless. Follow large accounts, re tweet posts; get your account known, then if you’re lucky you can start to make some regular income with little effort.

If anyone needs to know more please shout me up, happy to help as always.

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