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Free Email List Building And Squeeze Pages Tips You May Not Be Aware Of

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Posted 23rd September 2017 at 12:58 PM by rozzski999

This article contains free tips on email list building and squeeze pages that you may not be aware of. In fact, you will be surprised at how easy it is to start building your email list.

I have been in the Internet Marketing (IM) world for about 4 years but active for the last two, I spent two years buying hundreds of products on how to make money online, trying to implement them and, sadly, failing! I then hit a bit of luck in selling websites (Blog to follow) and building a list and using squeeze pages. This is a money maker and pretty simple to put together even for a newbie!

So I have been there and done that as far as list building is concerned, that’s why I put together this article for you, completely free. It will teach you a thing or two on how to build a list and use squeeze pages the right way.

I hope you find it useful. If you have any questions please ask in the comments section.

What is Email List Building?

Email List building can be defined as the simple method of adding subscribers to a mailing list, especially completely new subscribers.

The subscribers add their emails to your list, to receive information you promised.


The information can be a free gift, a special offer, or even a product. You can start the process of with a form on your website or even offline using manual or even automated data collection methods.

What’s important is that you get the emails of subscribers and are able to email them what they requested and future offers or products.

Why Do I Need To Build A List?

Simple! Create a list to get more potential customers who will be responsive to whatever offer you are offering!

The more people on the list the more sales you can make. List building can take a long time to get started and basically never ends, you are always adding or seeking more customers! It never stops!

So what do I need to get going?

So what do you need to get going in the list building and squeeze page business?

There are a number of ways of doing this but I have included the four ways that have worked for me in the past, again you can do it with more or less but if you follow the below you cannot go wrong.

♦ A Website, hosting and domain name
♦ An Autoresponder account
♦ A Page builder or similar
♦ A PayPal Account or similar

A Website, hosting and domain name

A website is a MUST HAVE if you are trying to build a list through a squeeze page. A website gives you authority and makes you look professional which in this business will help you go a long way.


Many years ago creating a website was a painful experience and if you did not know HTML or some other programming language you would have to get someone to make it, and this cost a lot, sometimes thousands!

I remember a couple friends who had to spend months to learn HTML just be able to build their websites. And if you know anything about HTML, you will agree it’s not easy to learn, especially for non-techies.

But now it is super easy to build websites and you don’t have to learn any site building language.

More importantly the actual website building is free if you have WordPress or similar.

The best thing about WordPress is it is super easy to use. And if you get stuck at all, YouTube is your best friend – there are literally thousands of videos on how to create a website – and hundreds of different templates, which virtually creates the site for you!

I have made over 100 sites using WordPress and can have a site up and running in 20 minutes from scratch!

So you also need a domain name to run your site through, there are thousands of ready made domain names or make one yourself, prices vary from $1 to $100.

So what domain do you choose?

This depends on a number of factors. If you have an affiliate offer selling golf equipment then try to get a domain name with golf in it. For example,

If you are selling fishing equipment try etc.

Always try to go for a .com as well. It’s the universal domain ending world wide, and one that you should always go for if possible. If you find your word is available but the .com is taken still go for it!

There are now thousands of domain endings like .online, .site, .xyz etc. My only advice is AVOID anything that has hashes in, quotes, symbols etc., so don’t choose a domain name like Reason being… potential customers just wont type it in if its to complicated – keep it SIMPLE!

I have over a hundred domains registered and if you want some advice on a potential name please just ask and I will help.

Once you have a domain name and are happy you need hosting.


A hosting account is where your website will basically sit- or be managed from.

Of course you can get started with free hosting from sites like or Blogspot but I don’t recommend it. If you want to look professional and protect your site from the beginning, you should go with paid hosting. It’s not super expensive to host your own website.

Again there are many companies out there but on average it can cost about $10 a month to host your website.

Many of these hosting companies enable you to build your WordPress through their platform so it’s even easier to make your site.

There are three main web hosting companies out there being:

Hostgator, Godaddy and Bluehost.

I have put together a quick review of all three hosting companies listing the good and bad points of each one, you can also buy Domain names from these companies as well, click the below link to have a read!

Click HERE For Hosting Reviews Of Hostgator v Godaddy V Bluehost

Most of these recommended hosting companies bill you yearly. If you are not ready to pay yearly and would rather pay monthly, then you can get started with hosting from this very site itself.

Yes, offers hosting packages for their members, allowing them to pay monthly, rather than yearly. This helps you save money when you pay monthly.

You can check out Kingged Hosting here.

They have bought reseller hosting from the big hosting companies out there like Hostgator, Bluehost, Knownhost, etc and are able to resell at lower cost to their members.

Apart from allowing you to pay monthly, they also provide you with a lot of extras when you get the hosting packages from them. For example, you get traffic from, traffic from 100+ Kingged partner blogs and traffic from 1,000+ Kingged partner sites, as well as many other extras for free, each and every month that you host through them.

An Autoresponder account

Nearly there- you also need an Autoresponder to help you automate things in your new business.

You can’t build and manage an email list without an autoresponder!


An Autoresponder will help with sending emails to your subscribers. It will also collate all your incoming emails from new leads and once set up automatically send out emails that contain your affiliate offers to your list without you actually doing anything.

The two main autoresponders recommended are:

Aweber Autoresponder and GetResponse Autoresponder

They are both first class autoresponders and are used by the best marketers out there. The great thing about both of them is that they are not biased towards marketers and are unlikely to ban you just for selling to your list.

You must avoid the temptation of starting with a free autoresponder or those that don’t allow you to promote to your list. Free autoresponders, if they work at all, are bound to fail eventually.

If you are serious about your business, then start right off with a paid autoresponder. Thankfully both Aweber and GetResponse Autoresponder have full 30 days free trial, allowing you to pay only after you are satisfied. To avail yourself of this 30 days free trial on Getresponse for example, click here and scroll to the bottom of pricing option where you will find:

Not sure which plan is right for you? Get a test drive – we won’t charge you a dime! 1 month free – no strings attached.

Click on the [1 month free – no strings attached] when you get to the above and you will be on your way to enjoying Getresponse autoresponder for 1 month free!

Remember, both Aweber and Getresponse offer 30 days free trial, so no need to start with a free autoresponder.

A Page builder or similar

To help you automate work and to make stunning squeeze pages you need Page builder or a similar plugin from WordPress that can do this for you.

There are many amazing plugins nowadays that are super easy to use and can even create simple drag and drop pages that will make you look professional and get the customers that you need.

The beauty with drag and drop page builders is that they save you time and get the job done super quickly.

A PayPal Account or similar

Paypal is the universally accepted way of buying or selling anything on line. If you have bought products online, chances are very high that you have used and are familiar with Paypal.


Sign up for a new account and make sure you set up a business account. Paypal is FREE to setup and the best service overall for sending and receiving money.

Apart from using your Paypal account to send and receive payments online, you also use it to receive payments from many of the affiliate networks out there. If you are promoting as an affiliate you can get paid instantly with Paypal. JVzoo, Warriorplus and many others integrate with Paypal, allowing vendors to pay their affiliates when sales are made.

With all the above out of the way, lets get list building!

First and foremost research, there are thousands of articles on the internet and YouTube about list building so read and watch a couple videos and go with whatever fits you best.

The below Is what I actually do and works.


You need affiliate products to sell or your own product, something ideally that you know about and are passionate about. Remember potential customers may be asking you questions about what ever product your are advertising so do some research and get some knowledge about it.

If you don’t have the time to create your own products, promoting other peoples’ products through affiliate marketing is a great way to start.

Choose a product that is actually selling. You don’t want to promote something which isn’t selling or has potential to sell. If this is a Warrior Forum product or JVZoo product, check the stats of what’s selling. They usually include information regarding the number of sales a product has, the number of refunds, etc.

Another thing to take note of is – promote new products, rather than old products. Don’t pick a product from 3 years ago as it will be out of date and a slow seller. Try to sell current up to date products that have a high sales rate and low refund rate.

Jvzoo and Warriorplus usually contain detailed information about products in their marketplace. You can check all that before deciding which product to promote.

Clickbank is another great place for affiliate offers and how great stats to show what items sell and what does not.

Stand Out

So you have a product that sells well, great start! But… you need your affiliate offer to stand out, otherwise any potential customers will buy this product from anywhere!


How do you make your offer stand out? Simple…give something away for FREE!

You free item will be given away via your squeeze page as a Thank you for a customer buying your affiliate offer from your site.

So what do you give away?

Something very simple that is either free or costs very little. If you are selling an affiliate product on say fishing, list building, website building give something free around these products!

But make sure it is of good value. The fact that you are giving something away for free doesn’t mean it should be low quality. If you give low quality stuff away for free, that will surely negatively impact upon the results you are supposed to get.

How do I do this?

I spend some time to do a bit of research on the internet and put together a short 5/10 page PDF around the product. I can also make a short video or PowerPoint presentation around the subject.

And of course, sometimes I just find a FREE eBook that has re sell rights and give this away free.

There are lots of options but make it look professional and it should be good quality, like I already explained. This will make potential customers want the item as it’s free and more importantly get them to purchase directly from your site!

Squeeze Squeeze Squeeze!

Log onto whatever page builder/squeeze page builder you have chosen.

Look at what other are using as templates as squeeze pages and see if you can use something similar.

Here’s an example of a squeeze page that I am using to promote’s 30 Day To Making Money Online Program:


It’s an amazing program by the way and can really help you start making money online within 30 days. Check it out here.

As you can see from the above, the primary purpose of your squeeze page is to collect email addresses of people interested in your offer.

It’s not hard to create your squeeze page. If you are lacking creativity, simply learn from what others have done, in creating yours.

Now do not copy another seller’s squeeze page or header/titles but you can mix them up – change the words around, add your own. The idea is to learn from others, not copy them verbatim.

Once you have designed the page on the Thank you page this is where you will put the free download- it’s a thank you for a customer entering their details which of course get added to your email list.

Once you are happy with the squeeze page and thank you page set everything up via what ever autoresponder you have chosen and run a new campaign. I will not go into how to do this on here as there are hundreds of videos/tutorials on You Tube- have a look, it’s super simple.

So you have a product to sell, you have a free product to give away, your domain name and hosting is sorted, your squeeze page ready to go, now what…..


Again there are literally thousands of guides out there to read, in a nutshell there are two types of Traffic:

Free Traffic and

Paid Traffic.

This is a comprehensive subject which you are best researching yourself, I only use FREE traffic but you can go with paid traffic if you like.
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