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Denver SEO - Is Your Denver SEO Firm Ethical?

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Posted 15th October 2013 at 08:52 AM by Rus Sells
Updated 15th October 2013 at 09:48 AM by Rus Sells (category update)


Recently I had a conversation with one of my clients who's runs a successful roofing company in Denver.

I currently consult them and provide call tracking for their Google PPC campaign along with a SEO reporting dashboard.

When I first started consulting this client our conversation naturally involved their past SEO efforts. I learned that they had been paying over $2,000 a month for over a year for back linking via content syndication. They had recently cancelled because they didn't get any results to speak of in the rankings.

So I naturally did a little investigative work and found where their back links were coming from and what I found wasn't pretty.

The Denver SEO firm was producing content on their private blogs which in and of itself wasn't that big of a deal but, the SEO firm was also posting content and back links for my clients competitors on the same blogs as well!

Here's my question about ethics.

In the search results it was clear that at least 3 other companies that were on the first page of Google were also paying the same Denver SEO firm for SEO work.

How does one ethically charge? How do you take perform SEO and explain to one client that they get position 5 in the results while the other client gets position 1?

Well in my opinion you don't and that's because I believe the end goal for a client is to achieve the #1 spot and to then maintain that position. So personally I can't ethically have two clients in the same space going for the same keyword or keyword groups.

I'm sure that this particular SEO firm in Denver counts on the fact that business owners don't realize that even ranking 4, 5, 6, or lower, results in far less visits to their sites.

It's my position that we as SEO firms have a duty to deal with our clients fairly and to me this isn't fair at all. I call it greedy and deceptive.
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