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The Power of Web 2.0 + Minimal Effort = 6K Job

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Posted 18th April 2009 at 12:43 PM by Rus Sells

I own a brick and mortar insurance restoration company. We mainly repair peoples homes that have sustained hail damage which is covered by home owners insurance.

Christmas 2008 I decided to learn for myself how to market my company online and so I joined the warrior forum and began to learn.

As it goes, I registered a domain name with my city and the main construction trade I deal in, installed Wordpress, and wrote two informative articles about the insurance claims process.

I left the blog alone for over a month and just 2 days ago I experienced some surprising results.

Office phone rings and it is some one who found my official company site. They have wind and hail damage repairs.

I ask them how they found our web site and I was delighted by the reply.

They found my blog with nothing but the articles and followed my signature link to my main site.

I completed the call and set an appointment with them which I just returned from.

After getting my new clients we did a little chit chat and I decided to ask the Mrs. what part of my web site prompted her to call.

First thing she said was the articles that I had written, she perceived me as an authority regarding her particular situation. This prompted her to click the link in my signature to arrive at my company site, and of course from there she submitted her name and email address.

I decided to check yahoo site explorer even though I have done nothing to build any back links.

To my astonishment yahoo listed over 400 back links to my blog 2 days ago, I checked again just before writing this post to make sure my 400 number was correct and now and it's over 1200! WOW!

Folks the lesson I have learned here is very simple.

Targeted domain name for my niche.
Web 2.0 Format (blog)
Original authoritative content


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  1. New Comment
    affiliatemom's Avatar
    Hey Rus,

    Thanks for writing up this true experience of yours, B/C it not only shows that your web 2.0 work payed off (and is still paying off,) but it also serves as inspiration to us all!

    May your successes keep growing!


    Posted 23rd April 2009 at 03:55 PM by affiliatemom affiliatemom is offline
  2. New Comment
    Rus Sells's Avatar
    Thank you for your encouragement!
    Posted 24th April 2009 at 05:40 AM by Rus Sells Rus Sells is offline

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