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The Secret Of The Law Of Attraction

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Posted 18th March 2015 at 10:07 PM by Ryan3

Many people are lulled into trying to use the law of attraction after being promised instant riches and happiness. Everyone wants to be successful without having to make sacrifices and risk their future.

Unfortunately the law of attraction isn't that simple. In order to understand why most people don't succeed with it, we must start with the basics of what the law of attraction is.

Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction simply says that like attracts like. By focusing on what you*desire, you will attract it. This is the core point emphasized by all of those practicing and preaching the law of attraction. Believe it or not there is some science behind this.

According to physicists like Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr, everything at its basic form is made of energy. *This energy vibrates at a certain frequency depending on what you are analyzing. If you match the vibration, you will attract it.

How Your Mind Influences Reality

Since everything is made of energy, if you can focus on what you desire and can match the vibration, it will become your. This was confirmed in the double slit experiment. Here's an explanation of the double slit experiment and how it directly proves the law of attraction.

Ok so the law of attraction is real, how can I use it?

Focusing on what you desire is important, however*in most cases that alone will not get you to the vibration you need to match. In order to truly be focusing on what you desire you must be constantly striving towards*what you want and taking massive action.

By taking appropriate action you are reinforcing your desire and shifting more and more focus on what you really want.

These 2 steps will get you to your goal, however there is still one big step that can speed things up. This step is called the secret to the law of attraction. Its the same secret that inventors like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Shakespeare and countless others have used to gain fame and fortune.

You truly can create reality, if your ready.

To learn about the secret behind the secret of the law of attraction click here.
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