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Using Free Joint Venture Resources To Build Your Home Business

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Posted 7th October 2008 at 09:38 PM by SAMMY LOVE

One of the best tactics to build massive list within a short time is learning to effectively use Joint Ventures. You can leverage the efforts of other successful marketers with large lists to build a list to over ten thousand fast with little effort.

This approach to list building by forming joint ventures can build you a massive list in no time at all. You grow your list with quality leads from your joint venture partners' lists.


You should first build up a quality relationship with them. You get close to your prospective joint partners. There are several ways to do that. Get to know them through networking sites, forum or their blog and let them know you as well.
If they have a blog, blog about them and their blog, and also post relevant comments that would get you noticed on their blogs. Ask questions that are related to their niche on their blog.


You can create your Products through Joint Ventures fast and with ease.
Once you have your plan laid out, all you need to do is to research for the right people to joint venture with. Newbies and experienced marketers can use joint ventures to create products, build list, and make sales within a short time.

Assuming for instance, you want to create a product on golf. The first step is to research for the right people you would want to joint venture with on this type of product creation and promotion. You lay out your plan, find where they would fit into the plan, and then go about contacting them showing them the benefits of joint venturing with you in this project.

The next thing to consider is the quality of your product. No joint venture partner wants to stake his or her name on any product that is of low quality. They know very well the importance of their lists. They know their lists are the life blood of their wealth. They cannot afford anything that would destroy their credibility before their subscribers. It is therefore essential to have high quality products if you expect joint venture partners to promote your product. Your potential joint venture partners are receiving several offers daily and therefore have little or no time to resolve too many issues to promote your product.

You can give them high commissions on the initial product, the upsell, and even on all of your back end products. Once they know they are going to get paid over and over from just promoting the initial product they will show interest in your joint venture proposal. That's a huge benefit to hook them. You must give them some huge benefits that are so irresistible. They will jump at your offer and in turn release all their resources for your free use. If properly handled, its a lot easier than you think. Give them the benefits they cannot resist, they will fall flat for your joint venture offer.
It's all about benefiting the other person so that you can also benefit at the same time.

Another strategy of joint venturing is either to promote a giveaway event or even organize your own giveaway event if you have what it takes to do that. Either way will build your list fast. You build your list faster by organizing a giveaway event if you know you know how to. If done the right way, could really build your list quick.

In summary, you can achieve a lot in your internet home business or any other business with ease through Joint Venture. You are only limited by your imagination

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