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Believing is Achieving !

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Posted 17th September 2012 at 01:56 PM by sarconi

Believing Is Achieving – Part II

This is my second blog about Believing is achieving ! After my statement that I would no longer chase the money , that the money is waiting for me just around the corner !

Well now a couple of days later I feel much calmer than usual !

Is it because I believe that it is truly around the corner and that the money will come my way no matter what ?
Is it because that believe is so strong that I no longer worry about chasing the money ?
Only time will tell ! Don’t you think ? Believing is achieving !

Now I am focusing on getting 2 sales a day ! Blogging every day , marketing my squeeze page daily! Looking for additional ways to market my affiliate url !

You know , it feels good to be relaxed, to not have to worry about the money!
Agian the famous words believing is achieving !
It clears my mind to focus on other things that need my attention! That attention that is required to promote my affiliate site ! Glad I made that statement about believing is achieving !
Right now I am in my fourth week on blogging daily! I used iwriter to buy articles to fill up the times I was unable to write posts ! But now I am finding somehow new energy to write blogs myself ! And it goes easier than when I first got started!
I started blogging around the 24th of July , but after one week I was blogged out , then I started to search for people to write blogs for me ! Some were good but most were not so good ! While I was searching I did not write much and for three weeks nothing was posted ! So I consider this first month as not valuable for the empower network ! Now that I am blogging every day myself I find it most comforting that it is me that has written all those articles !
Why am I writing this ? Well because I want to let everybody know that when you start , you think you cannot achieve that kind of persistence ! But when you get to do it a little bit longer , you will find that it goes easier with time ! That is the message I wanted to share with everybody !
Don’t let it fool you , I still use articles from iwriter! It is a kind of backup so when there is a situation where you find it difficult to blog that day , you are still doing your daily blog !
If you use iwriter for your blog , you can even let the articles be written with the desired keywords ! A useful tip I would say ! This is by no means to be used as your fulltime articles to post on you blog! You would lose some genuine personality that goes with your own blogs !That is also a great tip ! Your personality is very important ! It lets the reader know , and believe me they will see the difference , that it is really you that has written that post !

To end this post let me remind you to focus on getting 2 sales a day , blog every day, market everyday ! Get all in ! In the 15k formula you will find everything you need to market every day !

Believing is Achieving !!

Nicolas Vanhoucke

PS. Click here to join my team !
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