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The Truth About Making Money Online

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Posted 27th June 2012 at 05:37 PM by sdentrepreneur

I have been on this Forum close to 4 years now and love all the
entrepreneurship, dreams and goals of people wanting to Make Money
Online. There are also many of you that love to come here and network,
learn from others and promote your business. I am writing my thread on
My Opinion of what it takes to be successful online. Please add your
ideas and thoughts on what has helped you become successful as well.
Be Honest...I think people want to hear the truth !!

Here are 7 Truths that need to be told for someone starting career with Internet Marketing

1. Pretend you are going to Internet College, most colleges take 4 to
8 years here in the USA. Why do some people think they can make a huge
living online in 30 to 60 days. Its not reality.

2. Treat ANY online marketing like a business. Even create a P&L
statement to track your success...or loss.

3. Hard Cold Fact - It takes money to make are going to
have to invest in software, training, web site hosting and have a
marketing budget. Get out of your mind that everything on the Internet
is FREE !!! It's NOT

4. Educate yourself, don't be afraid to buy someones course on a niche
you are interested in. I have probably bought over 30 different WSO's
and most off them are under $20.00. You will spend $20 on dinner and
drinks but take way to long to make a decision on buying a $9.97 WSO.

5. Change your mindset and believe in yourself and that you can do
this. We have all been raised to think you have to get a JOB or start
your own Brick and Mortar Business. That is the old way of thinking.
We are in a web based can work globally and have your
freedom....but you HAVE to change the way you think...

6. Start working on your brand, You Inc. from Day One. Leverage Social
Media, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogs and this Forum to brand yourself as a
leader. Start by posting and sharing other peoples content (articles,
videos, blogs) until you can write your own. A turning point for me
was in 2010, after I hit 100 videos to my YouTube Channel and over 100
Blog Posts.
More leads, sales, new business and respect came my way. It takes
time...but that is all we have in life is if you want to
make this your career. Start with your brand and never look back.

7. Never give up, you could be minutes or days away from your next sale, joint venture or breakthrough idea. You also need to find a service or product that makes you income online and then execute it times 100. If you sell can sell 10...if you sell can sell 100...or 1,000.

Please share any comments or ideas on this blog.

James Hickey
Internet Marketing Consultant - SDEntrepreneur
Internet Marketing Training Center - Internet Marketing Training Course
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  1. New Comment
    dezfutak's Avatar
    Great stuff James & I couldn't agree more: add one more thing to the above list: surround yourself with like-minded business owners.

    The stable from which both our businesses birthed really drummed that into me & I know I wouldn't be where I was today without their invaluable input.


    Posted 22nd July 2012 at 01:15 AM by dezfutak dezfutak is offline
  2. New Comment
    Time to get up and move's Avatar
    Wow , you are so right i went into the IM world thinking oh i can do this all free well i have learned you are 100% correct put some money into it thinking of it as a long term investment. As far as the Mind set goes i do believe that is the most important aspect of IM , thanks so much for your Post
    Posted 14th October 2012 at 01:23 AM by Time to get up and move Time to get up and move is offline
  3. New Comment
    Donn Maala's Avatar
    I think the greatest thing you can get out from IM besides the income is the fact that you can educate yourself along the way.

    The fact that this is a kind of profession where every aspect and experience you have in your life can be a part of your business...

    Im also very new into the world of IM and i have been investing on a lot of programs online and I was very fortunate enough to have stumbled upon this forum in a short conquest. As I have mostly read online, most people take years and years before they can even start earning online.

    Hopefully im walking towards the right direction...

    Thank you very much for this very helpful post...
    Posted 14th October 2012 at 02:35 AM by Donn Maala Donn Maala is offline

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