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The Magic Of Profitable Email Marketing Lists

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Posted 2nd March 2012 at 09:01 PM by Selmicro

Most new internet marketers do not realize how vital a profitable email marketing list will be to their future prosperity. List building is not something that should be deferred to a future time. It is an activity that should be engaged in from day one.

A person who is brand new to trying to make an income on the World Wide Web is greeted with an amazing array of choices as to what he should do first. He is inundated with the sales pitches of marketing gurus for their latest launches, any one of which will surely enable him to retire in a few months with a six figure income. This he will accomplish with very little work.

As he begins, as we've all done, to buy one ebook, or one course, or one series of coaching sessions, one after another, he only becomes confused. Nothing has yet enabled him to live on a tropical beach where he will work just a couple of hours a day on his laptop as promised, while supporting his family in the fine style to which they would dearly love to become accustomed. He merely becomes poorer and poorer.

He is overwhelmed with tons of information which makes his head swim. The last thing that enters his mind is the thought of a mailing list. At this point, he is wondering if he will ever sell anything at all. period. He is beginning to panic.

There is only one cure for the pickle in which he finds himself. He must stop buying internet marketing information immediately. By now, he probably has a huge library of marketing methods which he can comb through. After taking into consideration hungry markets and really good keywords, he must pick out just ONE method with which to proceed. He must focus all his efforts on this one method from now on.

As he is doing all this combing, he will surely see that some of the brand new shiny stuff which he has bought is not much good at all. Do the guru-marketers answer their support emails? Is there help available if a question needs to be answered? He may discover that he has been well and truly scammed by many of the authors who he thought were going to be his saviors. It's bitter to realize they were just after his money.

Now he must buckle down and work that one method to the exclusion of everything else. Most importantly, he must learn how to build a profitable email marketing list. Then he must put his new knowledge into effect right away.

As time passes and he fills his blog or website with valuable content, he will discover that Google approves of him and is sending him traffic. His bank account is beginning to recover and he is beginning to feel pretty good about internet marketing.

Soon he will learn of the true magic of a mailing list. He finds a great new product that he loves and that he thinks the folks on his list will love also. He decides to send everyone a review of the product. By now, he has about 300 people on his list. He blasts out the review to all 300. How much does this cost him? Zip! Nada! Nothing! He thinks for a minute of how much a snail mail advertisement would have cost him and he thinks, WOW!

By the next day the orders for the great new product are pouring in. He can't believe how much money he has made in just one day! He has earned enough to take his whole family on a two week vacation to Maui. And he still has plenty of money left over.

Our newbie marketer has just learned the magic of profitable email marketing lists. It is to be hoped that you will not wait for some future time, but that you will begin to build your own profitable email marketing list right now. As they say, there is no time like the present!
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