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(Test/Results) $2, 176 Spent On Useless Products

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Posted 11th December 2015 at 12:58 PM by seoslayer

I did a survey of my list recently
and found that the average person
has spent a whopping $2, 176 on
shiny objects. other words useless products.

FACT: 91.7 % of the people trying
to make make money online make less
than $100 per month.

Because the gurus have been peddling
their BS for so long, it has left people
confused, overwhelmed and deflated.

What's worse is they perpetuate these
lies with the "next shiny object after
the next" and regular people do not
have a clear path to success.

The deck is totally stacked against
you, these guru's have the mentality
of if you promote my cr*p I'll promote

The translation is, they are the ONLY
ones making money off the "wonder of
the week".

Heck, I may be making some enemies by
saying this, but I don't really care.

And finding products to promote these
days? What a joke!

Some regurgitated free traffic
software product from Clickbank or
a "breakthrough" method from the
guru of the week....yeah right.

The folks that go down this path are
DOOMED to fail. I have seen it time
and time again...

I used to promote a lot of low end
affiliate products (hundreds of
thousands worth) because they had
some value and helped people but
unfortunately the quality has fallen
way off.

It's almost impossible these days to
make any sort of decent money with
$20 e-books.

If you have the "opportunity seeker"
mindset and hope to come online and
make a few bucks fast, it's not going
to happen.

Just look at the average survey stats,
people have spent $2, 176 on crappy
products desperately seeking success
while 97% at best make $100 per month.

If you are one of the people that has
spent a lot on shiny objects you have
to ask yourself why it turned out
that way?

Likely you had the "opportunity seeker"
mindset and wanted quick traffic, a
shortcut or to make some money fast.

On the other hand if you are serious
about creating a REAL business while
investing in yourself, willing to be
mentored and work hard, then yes you
will make it.

The good news is that you do not have
to reinvent the wheel, just model what
works and do what successful people do.

Remember success leaves clues...

Somewhere along the line a big lie
got stared that making money on the
internet is free, well it's not.

But compared to other businesses or
professions, it's peanuts.

For example you can earn MORE than
a doctor makes who went to school
for many years and likely has 100k in

To turn this around you need to pick
ONE opportunity, preferably ONE that
pays you well on the front end and
backend and sell the hell out of it.

These days I focus on one opportunity
at a time, build it out to 6 figures
then add more to the mix.

For example when I clued in and started
to promote this program
my profits went
through the roof.

The key to creating a consistent income
online is to focus only on high ticket
affiliate programs that pay out
BIG commissions.

This business model allows me to work with
less people and is a much better use of
my time and resources where I can "make
the money" but not be strapped to my
computer 12 hours per day.

If you want to be the "REAL business
type" and work with someone who can help
you get results then this is the program
>>I highly recommend <<

Take care,

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