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Being Unique and Getting Opt-Ins

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Posted 17th September 2010 at 02:30 AM by shabit87

I wanted to share with you a couple of ideas about how to collect subscribers other than PLR products. Subscriber list are slowly being infected with fake emails just to be directed to the next page, see the offer, and leave...without giving you or your PLR product a try.

1. Have the only way to get whatever your incentive is, by supplying a valid email.

2. Offer to send proof vs. a free product. Example, if the headline reads "After being robbed at gunpoint, I finally realized I should have never left the house without this..."

Offer to send them a copy of the police report pertaining to the robbery you claim to have happened. What this does is gain trust, which leads to easier conversions.

3. When using testimonies don't go the traditional route and use customers (or just customers) Use people indirectly affected by your claim. For example, if you claim you made $5000 in a month and were able to pay your bills prove it.

Imagine you make a call to you a debt collection agency. They ask, "How much you want to put on it" You reply, "I'd like to pay the total amount" The person on the other end says something smart like "Mr. So and So you're totally comes to $XXXX, you want to pay that all today?" or even better after the you pay, "I'll have to be honest Mr. So and So, we didn't think you'd ever call to resume payments on this account, let alone pay it off so quickly."

Now that’s something I would like seeing under "Testimonials."
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