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Are You Making What You Should Online?

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Posted 27th May 2015 at 04:09 PM by Shane F

I’m hearing a lot about people who are doing some of the right things – like building a list, they are driving traffic, they are creating products – but they aren’t making the money they should be…

Why not?

Obviously everyone’s case is different.

But…there are a few common reasons …

1) The traffic is not targeted. You may be driving 1000’s of visitors but if they don’t connect with you…they aren’t going to buy. Period.

So traffic is useless if you aren’t doing using engagement techniques to build credibility with your traffic.

That means they are the right prospects for you. Meaning they need a solution like yours.

And then in your email campaign you send them info they need to build trust.

Look, I this can be hard to do. And so are other relationship based traffic techniques. But a lead created through article marketing, blogging, social media or YouTube can be worth 10 times or 100 times more than one through generic traffic.

2) You must build a solid relationship with people when they join your email campaign. You must connect personally and find out what they need, then help them.

If all you do is try to schlep affiliate products – no wonder they aren’t buying from you.

If all you do is schlep your OWN products – no wonder they aren’t buying from you.

You MUST deliver value through content like this – THEN they will buy.

If your email campaign doesn’t have at least 100 emails that are content driven…you are probably losing connection with your subs over time. How long has it been since your subscribers got a genuine helping email from you?

3) You aren’t delivering relevant teaching. You have to teach them what THEY want to know, not what you want to teach.

Look, I think you should teach what you like – but that means you have to find prospects who want what you have. And if your prospects don’t want what you have…you have to either get new prospects, or craft your future offers and training’s so that they meet your existing clients needs.

Here’s the thing – all of these things have to come together.

So your “homework” thought question of the night is…what could you do to transform your campaign so that you are better connected with highly targeted subscribers who want and need what you have?

Because the truth of the matter is, if you aren’t connecting and delivering what they need, you might as well not be wasting your time trying…because they aren’t going to buy what they don’t need

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