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Simple Sales Letter Formula

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Posted 11th June 2015 at 09:45 PM by Shane F

Writing a sales letter is often very intimidating to new marketers and first time product creators. Thankfully it really doesn’t have to be following this simple sales letter formula. Using this formula you are going to follow already successful product launches and leverage the work already done for you.

Before you write your own sales copy, it would be a good idea to go through the sales pages of past WSO of the Day products. When you read through the copy, take note of what you liked and didn’t like. This will give you a good idea on sections/words to include in your sales copy and sections/words to avoid.

Spend an hour each day for 2-3 days and start writing your copy as if you were trying to sell to your TOUGHEST customer.

Begin by presenting pain points and then offer your report as the solution to their pain. You need to take time listing the benefits of your product instead of listing the features. We are not saying you shouldn’t list features, because you should. What we are saying is that benefits outweigh features.

Also make sure you arouse curiosity within the copy. The longer the customer reads the copy, the more likely they are to make a purchase. If you arouse their curiosity, they will continue reading which increases the chances of them making a purchase.

Sales Letter Outline Formula

1) What Are You Selling? Write The Headline Telling That

2) Dig Into it. Ask Questions To Assess Needs

3) Relate Their Need To You Or Your Clients

4) Tell What You Have Created

5) Explain What They Get

6) Explain The Value of What They Get- Not In Dollars, But In Usefulness

7) Offer (Price)

8) Refund Policy

9) Close. Buy This

Another easy method is to go back to your product research that you did in Warrior Plus. Go back to those products in the similar method and review ones that sold over 100 copies with 10%+ conversions.

What elements are common?

What pain points are similar?

What solutions were offered that you also are teaching?

The MOST important tip to keep in mind as you write your sales letter is to make sure that everything you claim and say in your sales letter is included in your report!

So RIGHT NOW, I want you to locate 5 sales letters that you will use for the base of your template. Search through JVZoo and Warrior+ for products that have sold over 100 copies and find ones that match the sales letter formula above.

Create a new Google document and copy and paste those 5 urls into it.

Now go through and start writing pulling elements from the example sales letters you found. Of course you can’t copy word for word but use these as inspiration and rewrite to fit your own style and product.

Successful sales letters follow the same basic outline covered above so no need to reinvent the wheel here! This is also a skill and why copywriters are in such demand. I can tell you it will get easier with repetition and practice.

For your first few reports, I highly recommend you don’t go out and spend money on a copywriter. The number of sales won’t justify the expense. Save this for once you are getting a couple hundred sales each report and have had the time to recruit and attract affiliates for each launch.

Sales letter copy is something that takes practice so don’t stress over it. Do it over a few nights. Often coming back on fresh eyes makes a world of difference in clarity.

Once done, I make sure that everything mentioned in the sales letter is included in the report. There is nothing that will kill a new buyer subscriber more than having items promised in the sales letter and then not delivering on that in your training.

I’m sure you’ve bought products that don’t live up to the hype in the sales letter. I know I have and I usually immediately unsubscribe.

Few other things to keep an eye out for that will help you build a strong buyers list:

1) Don’t include fake income screens shots. Not a week goes by that I see this and it pains me that marketers do this. They aren’t helping themselves or creating a loyal buyers list.

2) Be realistic with your claims. IF YOU haven’t made money with the method, don’t claim that you have! Teach and sell your own experience with the method being taught. Not some pie in the sky potential.

3) Testimonials are a sticky point for me. I have had reports that sell 1000 copies without testimonials in the sales letter and ones that have sold 100 copies with tons of testimonials. Include them if they will help explain the method or build trust but they should speak to the actual method taught, not generalities.

The best testimonials and most effective for me are ones that are from people that have actually APPLIED and PROFITED from the method being taught.

There you have it! My simple sales letter formula to help you maximize your sales and buyer’s list growth. Leverage successful copy and model your business after products that have sold well in your niche.

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